Are Digital Production and Marketing Included In Your Budget

In business today trying to find new customers that will keep buying time and time again is getting harder and harder. Getting your business online today is almost a must for every business out there. The first thing that is quite often done is the creation of a website. If the budget permits maybe some “SEO” is thrown in too. What happens though after the website is created? Are you geared to build your online presence?


If you have a small to medium sized business the answers are likely to be “nothing” and “no”. You need to take both of these words out of your business and replace them with “Digital Production” and “Marketing”. Gone are the days where you can build a website for $3,000 and put a few cleverly placed words on each page to get you results.

Lets look at the phrase “Digital Production” a little further. It basically means the 3 D’s… Design, Develop and Deploy. With the first D, Design, this can include branding, banners, infographics, newsletters, social media pages, display ads and much more. The second D, Develop, usually entails coding, developing applications, improving site functionality or even working out more effective ways to getting your customer through the checkout process. Finally we get to the last D, Deploy, this is typically the most important one as it involves quality assurance, testing and measuring the outcome. All 3 of these D’s can be very time consuming and pricey. As a result it does lead a lot of business owners scratching their heads wondering how they will afford to do all of this, or asking why they should do this over anything else.

Truth be known Digital Production is only going to be pricey if there is no Marketing. Trying to work out the best way to market your business both online and offline can be very expensive and dicey. However if you could focus your marketing efforts and guarantee results then the cost to build the brand, the online presence and customer awareness will be insignificant. So what options do you have with Digital Marketing? The answer is hundreds, if not, thousands of ways.

A few of the most successful ways include banner ads, organic search engine optimization and of course the well branded “Adwords” campaigns. There are many more which include video marketing, social media, forum advertising, press release promotions, content syndication, blogging, affiliate marketing and as you can see the list goes on.

Which is the best way for your business can be very hard to determine, especially if you have not done it before, or even more importantly especially if your digital media agency or website designer has never had any real world experience in the power of internet marketing at a personal level.

The best way to work out which solution will work for you is to track and monitor the advertising solutions you have tried. To track and monitor the advertising solutions is a fairly easy process. To get the right combination of tracking can be the hardest.

Suncoast Web Solutions has a team of experienced online marketing professionals who can help you not only setup a website but more importantly guide you through effective ways of turning your digital media marketing a return on your investment rather than a hole in your pocket.

If you do not have a digital production and marketing budget in your business plan you really need to consider adding one. Digital media is becoming the most popular and successful way of marketing a business, new or old in today’s marketplace. TV, Radio, Yellow Pages, Magazines and the local newspaper have such low returns on average that most people lose more than they gain.

Do not have an unrealistic budget, set a minimum budget of around $500-$1,000 per month to get your business in to a great position down the track. Small budgets while they will eventually get you a result will lead to disappointment before they lead to success.

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