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Local search now is more valuable today than other searches. It is cruicial you are found, particularly for mobile search results.

At Least 35% Of All Google Searches Are Local Search

Local SEO

Effective Local Search marketing is all about generating traffic from your local area. Why? Because Google says 76% of users who search on a mobile device for a product or service nearby, visit a store within one day.

76%! That’s huge! And if you want a slice of that very tempting cake, you need the best Local SEO campaign you can afford.

Why Is Local Search Optimization So Important Now?

Remember those Google algorithms we keep talking about? They are one of the reasons why professional Local Search SEO is now a must-have.

It was the Pigeon. When Google updated this particular algorithm, the demand for Local Search went off. Let’s look at the reasons why.

  • Google favours local businesses, and likes to help small business owners
  • Local Search helps Google give users more individualized results
  • Increased use of mobile devices pushed the demand for better Local Search
  • Competition is tough. Optimizing locally is a way of creating your niche market

Suncoast Web Solutions can help you with your Local SEO campaign, including accurate citation, local content, and local reviews.

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