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Social Media now consumes over 60% of time spent on mobile devices

Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business To Move Ahead

Do your business goals include Raising Brand Awareness, Building Your Audience, Generating and Converting More Leads? We can help you meet your goals in terms of event attendance, site visitations and product sales, with social media marketing platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.


Kickstart Your Social Media Campaign with a Solid Social Media Marketing Strategy

Whatever the size of your business, a rock solid social media marketing plan will help you attract new customers and grow.

It’s Not All About Watching
Funny Goats

It’s Not All About Watching
Funny Goats

Crazy cats, cute dogs and outrageous antics may be popular on social media, but this fast-growing medium has another important use for your business.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and all those other platforms are a very valuable way of reaching your target market.

In the same way we recommend a mix of paid and organic search on your new website. We also suggest a mix of free and paid social media posts.

But to get this right, you need quality, consistency and focus.

What you post online should be:

  • ENGAGING and entertaining
  • RELEVANT to your organisation
  • QUALITY content
  • REGULARLY updated
  • NOT overly promotional
  • And you must be prepared to respond quickly and effectively to all feedback.
  • Paid social media marketing must be selective and targeted, or you will quickly run up a huge spend.

Can Suncoast Web Solutions help you establish and run an effective Social Media Marketing campaign? Sure can! So let’s get started.

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My Project