Website design

Early websites were designed to be an introduction to your business, a place where potential customers could find your contact details and get a brief idea about your products and services.

Early websites were slow, with NO focus on User Experience. Pictures were often poor, and the text looked dull and old fashioned. But nobody minded back then.

Graphic Design

Have you noticed that a lot of websites look the same these days? That’s because they are. It’s now possible to buy your own themed website template online, and build your own. But seriously, why would you want to?

It’s not as easy as they make out, and you end up with the same website as your competitor!

Website development

A good website is like an iceberg. What you see is just the tip. However good it looks, it’s what’s underneath – or behind – that will ensure longevity and success.

Website Development is different to Website Design. It’s all about what goes on behind the door. It’s the technology and the links needed to ensure your site works efficiently and effectively.

Domain and Web Hosting

It doesn’t matter how much money you invest in your new website, if you don’t choose a reliable web host, it can all be wasted.

We’ve all seen the adverts for $1 or even free web hosting. Ask yourself how they can offer that deal. The answer is simple: just load as many websites as possible onto an open server and hope for the best!

Internet Marketing

Do you have a strong online marketing strategy in place? Is it getting you the results you desire? Are you happy with your SEO ranking? If the answer is ‘no’, you’re probably working with the wrong team!

At Suncoast Web Solutions we live up to our name – finding SOLUTIONS that not only work, but offer real results, that can be measured and analysed. We see Internet Marketing and SEO Optimization as an investment, not a cost.