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Securing domain names is one important way to secure your brand. You can even register .au domains for up to 5 years now with us.

Domain Registration

Why A Domain Name Is So Important

Forget for a minute that you are a business owner, and step into your customer’s shoes. What sounds more professional – an individual domain name, or a company with a Yahoo or Gmail email address?

For a relatively small investment you can have your own domain name, that you can always take with you.

We have been helping businesses find their ideal domain name for years, and we can help you right now. We don’t just source domain names that suit your product or service, but also ones that will help boost your SEO and build trust.

Advantages Of A Domain Name

  • Unique identity
  • Easy for customers to remember
  • Adds credibility to your brand
  • Increases your website’s search ranking
  • It’s your intellectual property
  • Professional, personalised email address

What you need to know about Domain Registration Extensions

You always have to choose a top level domain [TLD] such as .com, .net , .org, .info apart from country specific ones such as .au, .nz, .uk.

These are the extensions at the end of your domain name. Google always gives priority on country specific domain extension in search results. It is the key component in search engine marketing.

If you ever run into any issue with your domain, or can’t figure out how to link it to the platform you want, send us a message and we’ll be sure to help out 24/7

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