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Can your website be easily found in the internet? Has your website visitor count increased?

Internet Marketing Banner

The world of internet marketing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly changing. But one thing hasn’t changed – if you need people to find your website, it’s important that you show up on the first page of the search engine rankings.

Is your site easy to find when potential customers type in their search term? Has your website’s ranking declined because it’s not a responsive site? Are your visit numbers going down instead of up? Suncoast Web Solutions can help you to market your website to get the right kind of people visiting your site.

Our tried and tested website marketing strategies can improve your site’s ranking, getting you onto the first page of results. Then we can help you generate an increased number of visitors – not just any visitors, but the target audience you are looking for.

So how do we manage this? By analysing your website and that of your competitors. By finding out what search terms customers in your category are using. By ensuring that your site is rich in the kind of content they are looking for.


Let’s take a look at the basics of internet marketing:

Organic Search

Keyword Research Keyword Optimisation
Web Page Optimization
Link Building and Optimization
Reporting and Analysis

Organic Search – it’s a term that you hear a lot in this industry, but it’s one that many people still don’t understand. Organic Search refers to the search results on the left hand side of the results page (most commonly in the area with a white background) that you see on major search engines.

Usually the first three or four results at the top of the left hand side are Paid Search results, as are the search results that show up on the right hand side of the major search engines. Businesses have paid to have their companies positioned at the top.

Organic Search results are the non-paid results, the long list that appears below the top three of four ‘ads’.

Here’s a tip – if any organisation ‘guarantees’ that you’ll appear on the first page of organic results, be wary. All of your competitors – local, national and international – will be chasing those top few organic search places, so anyone who ‘guarantees’ they can get them for you is a concern.

But a structured and well setup method can deliver results for many businesses. Contact Suncoast Web Solutions today to see what we can do to improve your organic search performance.

Paid Search

Paid SearchPrimes the pump of your SEO campaign a vital start need to boost your site’s traffic states and rankings
Paid Search
Landing Pages
Your Optimmized Landing pages will lower your avg. cost-per-click & bring you more customers for less money.

Paid Search results are the results you see on the right hand side of most search engines and at the top of the main results on the left hand side of the search results page. They often have the small word ‘AD’ beside them.

If it isn’t done correctly, Paid Search can be a very expensive exercise in online advertising. Why? Because many business owners try to do it themselves, without the necessary expertise. Or they entrust the campaign to someone who is simply not experienced or qualified enough to handle the task. Because you are paying for every ‘click’, costs can add up incredibly quickly.

The best practice approach is to get an experienced Paid Search professional to set up the campaign so that it is well structured, tightly controlled in terms of expenditure, and very well targeted to the keywords, locations and target audience you want to reach. Using actual search data, a professional organisation like Suncoast Web Solutions will be able to create and test campaigns for limited cost that will demonstrate what will reliably work and what budget will be effective.

To find out more about what can be done with Paid Search for your business contact Suncoast Web Solutions today.


  • Direct Traffic135.00 (24.48%)
  • Search Engines321.00 (58.79%)
  • Referring Sites90.00 (16.48%)

So, you’ve organised some SEO – organic search or paid search. But how do you know what results it is generating? This is where many SEO organisations fall down. You need regular, clear, easily understandable reporting on what results your campaign is generating. How many people are seeing your paid search listing? How many are clicking on your link? What search terms are they using? How long are they staying on your site? What areas are they from? Which of your pages are they visiting? How much is each click costing you?

Good quality reporting is something that Suncoast Web Solutions can help you with – regardless of whether you are conducting your Organic Search or Paid Search services through us or another provider. We can set up and schedule regular reporting on your campaign and deliver the report directly to your inbox in a format that is easy to understand and identify the results your SEO is generating. This service can help keep your Internet Marketing provider honest.

Want to know more about how we can help with SEO reporting options? Contact Suncoast Web Solutions today.