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Payment Gateway Integration

Suncoast Web Solutions can also set up payment gateways to handle other payment options. The best approach is to talk to us about your business, and your needs, and we will come up with the best solution for you.

A key element of your eCommerce website is your payment gateway. It needs to be totally secure, and easy to use, or you risk shopping cart abandonment. And probably the best way to choose your eCommerce website payment gateway, is to ask our advice. The three main payment gateways we recommend are PayPal, eWay and Merchant Warrior.

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payment feature icon Paypal

An excellent choice, known for its easy integration and outstanding security. It also has an abundance of plugins, designed for open source eCommerce platforms, such as WordPress.

payment feature icon Eway

eWay is Australian-based and has been around since 2000. They offer an option with no monthly or annual fees, so are very competitive with other providers.

payment feature icon Merchant Warrior

Merchant Warrior is also Australian-based and offer online payment solutions to businesses around the world.

payment feature icon Bitpay

Heard of Bitcoin? Then you’ve heard of BitPay. BitPay is a global bitcoin payment service, and it’s available now on your eCommerce site. A system is built into BitPay to mitigate the risk of Bitcoin price volatility. This is achieved by allowing the merchant to accept Bitcoin and then convert it immediately to one of 30 currencies. It is ideal for those who trade internationally.

payment feature icon Poli Payments

POLi Payments describes itself as Australia’s leading real-time online debit payment method. It delivers a secure alternative to using credit cards and, once set up, is very quick and easy. With security its #1 priority, POLi does not charge you as a customer and provides a simple, seamless transaction.


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