Suncoast Web Solutions offers the full spectrum of internet related services to our clients to assist them maintain a quality online presence and to improve their return on investment.

We have been providing our valued services to local, national and international clients for over six years and have built a strong team of experienced and creative professionals. By choosing Suncoast Web Solutions as your IT partner you gain much more than just a web development company. You partner with a company that will advise you with transparency and accountability, and guide you to long-term success online.

The team at Suncoast Web Solutions prides itself in developing cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of your organisation, creates a positive web presence and makes money for your online business.

And once you are up and running we don’t desert you. We provide training to ensure you can manage our simple to use Content Management System so you can add or delete pages, add or delete menu links, insert or delete images, add new products to your shopping cart, change colours or text and a whole range of other useful assistance.

We also provide ongoing maintenance assistance and advice; a comprehensive support base to help resolve issues; and knowledgebase articles to guide you through frequently asked questions.

Suncoast Web Solutions provides a comprehensive range of Internet related services through the resources and expertise of the following people.


NEIL MCNULTY - Suncoast Web Solution's Founder

Neil is a founder of Suncoast Web Solutions with over 15 years’ experience covering website hosting and development.

He is a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), but has an extensive knowledge of a wide variety of software, operating systems and web development processes. Neil has completed website accessibility training so that our customers sites can be built to Level AAA where required and requested.

Neil ensures our servers are secure and stay online; our networks function with utmost reliability; and our client’s problems are resolved speedily and efficiently. Neil also owns a number of websites as well as contributes back to the open source community in his spare time.

Neil McNulty – (MCP)

Tubai (Abhijit Sarkar) has worked with Suncoast Web Solutions for more than eight years.

Tubai (Abhijit Sarkar) has worked with Suncoast Web Solutions for more than eight years. He manages most of the visual and design-related tasks for our client’s sites.

Tubai has a sound knowledge of web architecture and the UI-UX aspects of any visuals. As well as almost a decade of practical experience, he has completed his MBA and is an Aptech-certified Multimedia Specialist.

Married with one child, Tubai lives and breathes design, and sees every job as a challenge. That’s why he is such a valued member of the Suncoast Web Solutions team.

Abhijit Sarkar