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A Website Serves Many Purposes For Its Owners. It Entertains, Educates, Engages, And Sells Your Products Aand Services.

It can only do these things effectively if it is able to be found easily by your existing and potential customers. Getting in before it gets all too hard and expensive is now. Right now there is only 33% of the world’s population online but that number is increasing each day. Internet Marketing and Website trends are constantly changing and so are the demands of consumers.

In order to get to the top of leading search engines and social media search results, you need to have a combination of a solid social media, paid campaign and internet marketing strategy based on the Sunshine Coast. We have clients around the globe and frequently visit them in their offices.

A Good Looking Website Doesn’t Work Without A Great Digital Marketing Strategy!

We have a team of Digital Marketing specialists who have been working in the industry for over 12 years. We have Google Ads Certified Professionals, Organic SEO Experts, Social Media Specialists, and Creative Content Writers.

Finding the right team to help you market your business online is crucial to the success of your website. We said “the right team” because an individual cannot do what it takes to make your site a success. Take a look at what we do when working with our clients on their Internet Marketing strategy.


Search Engine Optimization - SEO
Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

What Is SEO and How Does SEO Work?

Most people have heard of Search Engine Optimization – or SEO. It basically means placing key search words and phrases in your content to ensure your site is found when people search on the internet.

Sounds simple, right? Not so much anymore! In the early days of websites, when there wasn’t much competition in the marketplace, you could more-or-less guarantee the local shoe shop came up when people searched for shoes.

Type in “Shoes” today and you get 1,590,000,000 results! Your SEO strategy needs to be far more personalized and researched if you want your business to feature in those top rankings.

Fairly self-explanatory, organic means using specific search words and phrases to try and boost your ranking without paid advertising.

Let’s say you search for “Shoes in Brisbane”. Those first three results that appear are the result of paid SEO, while those that follow were generated by organic SEO. And the higher the rank, the better their SEO strategy.

Here at Suncoast Web Solutions, we stay up-to-date with all the latest SEO trends and Google algorithm updates, so that we can provide the best advice to our clients. We’ll even do a FREE SEO audit of your business. Call us today to find out more.

Paid Search Marketing
Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing

What is Paid Marketing Campaigning? Is Paid Advertising Worth It?

Paid Internet Marketing is an opportunity to advertise with the sponsored listings of search engines, partner sites or social media networks by paying to display your ads for a certain time duration according to your budget and targeted audiences.

Paid Search can be a very expensive exercise in online advertising if it isn’t done correctly. Why? Many business owners try to do it themselves, without the necessary expertise and costs can add up incredibly quickly. Because you are paying for every “click”.

The best practice approach is to get an experienced Paid Campaigning professional to set up the campaign so that it is well structured, tightly controlled in terms of expenditure, and very well targeted to the keywords, locations and target audience (demographics) you want to reach.

Using actual search data, a professional organization like Suncoast Web Solutions will be able to create and test campaigns for a limited cost that will demonstrate how reliable they are, and whether they fit your budget.

To find out more about what can be done with Paid Search for your business contact Suncoast Web Solutions today.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

What is Social Media Marketing? How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social media marketing is another form of Internet marketing. It’s to the use of social media platforms to promote your brand, and drive website traffic through your content and engaging the target consumers to increase sales on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business and more …

Whilst some material can be shared from your website, most of these applications require short, specially written, catchy content.

Social Media Marketing is becoming increasingly popular and effective, due to the very large numbers of potential customers who use those networks. The number of worldwide social media users is expected to hit 1.96 billion in 2018.

Along with a strong SEO strategy, SMM will result in more traffic being driven to your site and, therefore, improved ranking on search results pages.

Contact Suncoast Web Solutions to post on social media to build better relationships with your customers.

Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Content Marketing

How Does Content Help in Internet Marketing? How Important It Is?

Content helps to improve conversions because it allows connecting with the targeted audiences to educate them and transform to the potential customers, also encouraged to make the purchasing decision.

Content marketing involves creating and sharing online material – such as blogs, articles, videos, and social media posts – to boost traffic to your site, and increase sales.

Content Marketing Is More Effective Than Traditional Marketing! (Strong)

Good content marketing does this by creating fresh, quality content – not advertorial – that stimulates interest in certain products or services.

Whilst it might appear natural and unstructured, content marketing requires a very strategic approach. It still relies heavily on Internet marketing and involves detailed research to define key demographics.

Blogs are now one of the most effective forms of Content Marketing, as they cover all bases. They engage, entertain, and inform, whilst establishing your brand as an authoritative voice. They also help build a relationship between your business and your (potential) customer.

Regular, monitored blogs will help a business generate feedback on its products, by sparking online chats and reviews. It’s worth noting that for this to be truly effective, you should always respond promptly to online comments and questions.

A blog might also help you reach new/different markets, as it is shared amongst social media networks. Suncoast Web Solutions offers a full Content Marketing service, so call us soon to discuss your needs.

eCommerce SEO
eCommerce SEO

eCommerce SEO

This is much the same principle as any SEO strategy, and equally important. Unfortunately, we see some very serious errors when it comes to effective eCommerce SEO.

The very nature of an eCommerce site is that you will list many different products. But a list alone is not enough to boost your ranking, and that’s what makes eCommerce SEO such a specialist service. To begin with, you should include an optimized product description for every item. And this needs to be unique. Repeating the same copy over and over will see you penalized by Google.

You should not simply copy and paste the manufacturer’s product description. This information has already been published online and, if you copy it, you may find your site banned from the search engines. Your search engine ranking will be boosted quite substantially if your eCommerce site includes customer reviews. A very large percentage of buyers make their decisions based on reviews.

UX – or User Experience – is also extremely important in creating and managing a good eCommerce website. Search engines like Google are all about the customer, not the business. Your website needs to be not only eye-catching, original and informative, it also needs to be easy to navigate, and fast to load.

Most organisations don’t have the skills required to set up the most effective eCommerce site – that’s where Suncoast Web Solutions comes in. We have the tools and the knowledge to build your new site, so that it really works.

Local SEO
Local SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO is a style of marketing that still revolves around the use of an SEO strategy, but the focus is on ‘local’. And we’ll let you into a little secret: search engines love Local SEO!

Google tells us that 76% of people who search on a mobile device for something nearby, visit a store within a day. A large percentage of those make a purchase. And get this, at least 35% of all Google searches are local.

These are very positive statistics that tell us local businesses are on shoppers’ radar – when they are professionally marketed and promoted. Just about any business can take advantage of a professional Local SEO strategy, and it’s a great way of optimizing a small business’s limited marketing budget.

If you’d like to boost your Local SEO ranking, let’s catch up for a chat. The first thing we will need to do is check that your business is listed accurately on the web. This might sound obvious, but citation correction is very common.

Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

We know, this one sounds a bit worrying, right? But it’s not what you think! Online Reputation Management – or ORM – is about controlling what information about your organisation is available online, and restoring or improving your brand’s reputation. It’s all about shaping public perception.

An extreme example of this might be a restaurant that recently endured a salmonella outbreak. Or a badly rundown business, that now has new management in place.

The need for ORM is largely a result of our desire to be talked about. The very nature of Internet Marketing demands it! If people are not talking about your business, then your marketing strategy is not working.

However, with so much discussion online, through forums and social media, it’s important to manage the content.

Poor Online Reputation Management can have dire results. You can be sure your competitors will take advantage of the situation, for starters. In addition, you must remember that word-of-mouth operates both ways.

If you feel your business is suffering the effects of a poor online reputation, why not come in for a chat? Suncoast Web Solutions will have a solution for your problem.

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