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What Is An eCommerce SEO Campaign?

Let’s say it’s a bit like a regular SEO campaign, only different! To clarify, whilst there will still be common keywords, there will also need to be some very specific keywords, to channel users towards your products.

A huge mistake many businesses make is to simply copy and paste the manufacturer’s description of their products. Big no-no. Google and other search engines hate this approach and here is why.

Those clever little search engine bots are watching you! If that content has been used identically elsewhere, they will know and you will be penalised.

Annoying perhaps, but understandable, too. Google is all about the UX – or User Experience. It doesn’t care too much about your business. So if you design your eCommerce SEO campaign with the customer in mind, you should do well.

eCommerce SEO

Actionable eCommerce SEO Guide
for Every Online Retailer

Nowadays Search Engine Optimization is the topmost priority for e-Commerce sites. Every eCommerce website owner needs to know the following, because it plays a huge part in determining whether your website will be a success.

  • On an eCommerce website, category pages are as popular and powerful as your Home page
  • You must create unique product descriptions for every product
  • Use search-friendly URLs
  • Establish easy site navigation and a breadcrumb trail
  • Optimize your site load time by reducing the size of the images
  • Make the website responsive
  • Include deep links to product pages – blogging, social media, paid search
  • Integrate product pages with social sharing
  • Keep your out-of-stock and discontinued item pages up and running
  • Create seasonal categories to maximize seasonal attention
  • Secure your website with an SSL certificate to ensure a secure checkout available for your customers
  • Check regularly to ensure your pages are error-free
  • Build a community – use testimonials and reviews to grow your family of happy customers

Last but not least

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