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Responsive Website Design is more important than ever. Mobile traffic now caters for over 80% of internet traffic in Australia.

With more searches being conducted on mobile devices than ever before, your website must be mobile-friendly and that means it should be built using Responsive Web Design.


Websites that have not been designed using responsive design will experience more difficulty in boosting their traffic and ranking. Why? Because more people are now using mobile devices to search, than desktops or laptops.

What Is Responsive Design?

What Is Responsive Design?

A fully responsive website must be fast to load, easy to navigate, and adaptable to whatever device users view it on. This is achieved by using a responsive grid-based design, simple styling, semantic markup, clear Calls to Action, and the addition of media queries.

When You Build A Responsive Website, You Should Focus on 3 basic Elements

Grid Based Layouts

Grid Based Layouts

The Grid technique came from print design, and is now also applied to web design. This ensures that the responsive design will work perfectly on every device. It is quite difficult to manage page layout and content placement, and adapt browser features to work properly on all devices.

Images and Media

Images and Media

When the web came into being, all the pages were text with hyperlinks. One could find nothing but information. Gradually, images were added, then embeds, iframes and videos. When all this happened, the web got transformed into tables and CSS with fixed widths. As responsive design emerged as a popular and effective choice, we have gone back to square one, but with many interactive elements.

Media Queries

Media Queries

How far can responsive design go? Is there a chance that it will not be supported by the currently used browsers?

That is a great question to ask. You can rest assured that every new browser release will support media queries in some form or other. However, we are not in a position where we can overlook old browsers entirely. So, yes IE6, we are totally in love with you still.

Give Me 5 Reasons Why I Should Choose Responsive Design?

  • Cost Effective

    Cost Effective

    One website costs less than two, so you need one that will easily adapt to different viewing devices. Also, Google will rank you higher with just one URL.

  • Better UX

    Better UX

    Creating the best User Experience is crucial to keep your customers, and the search engines happy. You have just seconds to capture the user’s attention and hold it.

  • Flexible and Fast

    Flexible and Fast

    If you want your website content to flow beautifully, be it on a laptop or mobile phone, you must use RWD. Anything else will make your website clunky and slow, and lose potential customers.

  • One Website, One Campaign

    One Website, One Campaign

    Why waste time and money creating separate SEO campaigns for multiple URLs? RWD gives you a better ROI.

  • Google LOVES it

    Google LOVES it

    Google recommends RWD for mobile configuration, describing it as ‘best industry practice’. The more Google loves you, the better your ranking!

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My Project