Why Website Design Is About Strategy

Most creative people, for example, designers in the digital media world would probably frown upon this article. Most developers would probably call us “bonkers” for making such a statement. The “smart” Digital Marketers would probably say that “we are on the money” with this statement.

So out of 3 very different mindsets, who is right? Well, they all are, and rightfully so. Before we dive into this we need to point out that they are all right and wrong at the same time.
Here is why:

Designers Are Creative People, Not Strategists

People who own businesses or websites quite often have this thing where they believe that “creative people” will either make a website work or they won’t. This is not true. The real designer will help convey a message the target customers need to see. The issue is there is not always much thought from a designer’s standpoint as to who the real target customers are. They also don’t always know how the real target customer thinks. They do know though, how to appeal to different types of people. At the same time, they do know how to tell a story. In essence, they are able to design a website to achieve both of these things.

The thought that the website design has no strategy involved in it would never cross their minds. In fact, they tend to believe that what they have designed will work. They may not have a reason for their belief. They do however know how people react to colors so this in itself proves there is strategy involved.

Developers Believe They Are The Best Strategists

Developers have a very unique perspective on things in general. They look at a problem and pick it to bits. It is something they tend to do very well. This is because they are usually very analytical people. It is in their nature to look at a problem and try to work out how it can be solved through a series of steps. The truth is they will often confuse logical steps or processes with strategy. The thought that website design is about strategy wouldn’t cross their minds. What makes this wrong though is they would try to tell the designer how the page should look or feel. The end result being they could achieve their goal. As you can see, by them telling the designer how the page should look or how it should feel, they have offered a strategy.

Smart Digital Marketers Are All About Strategy

We have specifically mentioned the word “smart” when it comes to digital marketers. The reason we use the word “smart” like this is that there are very few “smart” digital marketers out there. In fact, most of them only specialise in one area, and they are likely to be very good in their own area, it just doesn’t cut it today. This why you need a group of internet marketers in a digital media agency. While 15 years ago you could have got away with having 1 person cover almost all aspects of SEO, you simply cannot today. What they may not realize is that the client is really asking for as much spread as they can for their budget. When you dumb that right back, it translates to a strategy.

What Isn’t A Strategy Though

When you have clients asking you for a solution, you need to be able to provide a sound solution. A sound solution doesn’t just come from a group of random skillsets. Rather you need to understand what is trending from a design standpoint. You really need to understand what will and won’t work from the development side. Finally, you really need to know from a marketing standpoint, what market you are targeting and what their buying habits are.

Once you understand all of these different things on a given client market or business, you can give them a strategy. The strategy is a plan of what they will be able to use in order to attract more customers and sales. This strategy is one that can be formulated by the 3 different skillset’s strengths. The solution is who you are going to apply the strategy to get the results for your client.


A strong strategy can take your online business to the next level. We can help you to grow your business!




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