Why You Need A Web Developer on The Sunshine Coast

Everyone’s a web developer these days, you know! I mean, how hard can it be? Download a template, fill in the gaps and hit ‘go’! That’s all well and good in theory and yes, you could end up with a nice-looking home page, but there’s a lot more to web development than that.

For starters, even if everything goes to plan and you manage to build something, that front end is going to look the same as every other business that chose that template. Secondly, it’s what goes on behind the scenes that really counts.

Web Developer

Let’s look at the reasons why you should never build your own website, and why a good web developer on the Sunshine Coast is a keeper!


Yep, without meaning to be rude, amateur websites tend to look, well, amateur! If you are serious about achieving business success, the best place to start is with a professionally built website.


The biggest difference between a templated website and one built by a professional web developer on the Sunshine Coast is customization. We’re talking about coding and links, the crucial elements that make the difference between a fast-loading, visually exciting and slick website, and a dud.

Generic website templates may seem like a cheaper option upfront but long-term, it could cost more. The features of a generic website are very basic so, if you want to add different features down the line, it would be costly. A web developer, however, will talk with you about your long-term plans and goals, and build the website accordingly. This means the infrastructure is put in place at the start, so you can add whatever features you want later.


Consider the elements Google uses to rank websites: speed, mobile-friendly, professional appearance, security, quality content, and originality. Google also needs to verify your website, which isn’t always possible with DIY. If you don’t understand crawl rates, load times, broken links and bounce ratings, leave it to a professional web developer on the Sunshine Coast.


Search engine optimization doesn’t just apply to the blogs you post on your site. It’s actually part of the whole development process. Do you know how to build SEO into your website? The developer does.


To rank well your pages need to load quickly and properly, and your website needs to be mobile-friendly. That doesn’t happen by chance, it requires technical knowledge and a great experience. That same knowledge will ensure your links are all working correctly and there are no coding errors.

A good website is like an iceberg. The bit you see is only the tip and, in many ways, is the least important. Of course, it needs to be attractive and appealing to draw the eye but it’s everything that goes on underneath that decides whether your visitors stay or leave.

There’s a very good reason why website developers continually study and learn; user and search engine expectations are continually changing, and they need to keep up – and so does your website.



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