Temando Plugin For Open Cart V2 Users

Recently we posted an article for a Temando Plugin to work for Open Cart users. This was limited to Open Cart Version 1.5.6.x customers. After receiving such a great response from users within the community for this plugin we decided that we would continue the tradition and release a version compatible with V2.

For those of you who are not sure what the plugin does it is designed to help those who have an account with the shipping quoting company “Temando”. The quotes generated through the Temando API are real time quotes and they are valid for a period of time after the quote is given.

The reason we have made this plugin in the past was due to customer demand. This has lead to the release of a version compatible with Open Cart 2.0.x.

The plugin we have developed works off of the following premise:

1) Your customer is quoted the cheapest freighting option
2) You can add a fixed percentage to protect yourself from freighting price increases between the order being placed and shipped or if you would prefer to make a few extra $$ for your freight you could use this option as well.
3) You will need to make sure that you have an ACTIVE Temando account to make this API work in the Live Environment. In the meantime you can configure it to run in the demo / test mode.
4) You can specify postcodes which can be separated by commas to give FREE freight to people with orders over a specified amount.*** NEW FEATURE

Terms of use
1) Code has been tested and works based on the above scenario.
2) You only get a license for single use per purchase.
3) There is no guarantee’s that this will work on versions other than 2.0.2.x or higher on which it was originally tested. We have tested it successfully on OpenCart (09/06/2015) as this was the most recent build we could install. demo information available upon request by emailing [email protected].

You can buy our plugin for just $49.95USD. To buy the Temando plugin for Open Cart 2.0.x please click on the link below:




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