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Shipping products around the world or even around your own country can be extremely difficult to calculate. There are usually different freighting variables however there is one solution in the marketplace which takes all of the guess work out of choosing who to use to send products to your customers.

The name of the company who can help is “Temando” and what makes them even more impressive is that their API enables online shop owners to tie their freighting calculations system in to your site in realtime.

There are many plugins available for various e-commerce solutions in the market place right up until you have OpenCart. For some reason the market place for OpenCart was that small that Temando decided they would not build a plugin for it. Well that is what we were told anyway.

This put us and a customer in a bit of a hard position as they had OpenCart and they wanted to use Temando for their freighting solution. In turn we developed a plugin using the Temando API documentation that works with Open Cart 1.5.6.x. While it has not been tested in previous or the very latest builds of 2.0 we believe that it will work in all of the 1.5.x range as the coding structure has not changed all that much in that time.

We are currently working on building a version compatible with 2.0.x but this will not be available for a few months.

The plugin we have developed works off of the following premise:

1) Your customer is quoted the cheapest freighting option
2) You can add a fixed percentage to protect yourself from freighting price increases between the order being placed and shipped or if you would prefer to make a few extra $$ for your freight you could use this option as well.
3) You will need to make sure that you have an ACTIVE Temando account to make this API work in the Live Environment. In the meantime you can configure it to run in the demo / test mode.

Terms of use
1) Code has been tested and works based on the above scenario.
2) You only get a license for single use per purchase.
3) There is no guarantee’s that this will work on versions other than on which it was originally tested.

You can buy our plugin for just $49.95USD. To buy the Temando plugin for Open Cart 1.5.6.x please click on the link below:

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