Professional Website Designer Can Help Build A Better Website

With the growing importance of digital marketing and e-commerce, websites that are ‘good enough’ are no longer acceptable. And when it comes to design AND build, there’s a thin line between good and bad.

Sometimes something as simple as a font change can turn a website from mediocre to brilliant, which is why, in the long-term, it is better – and probably cheaper – to get help from a professional website design services company.

There are a few web design businesses on the Sunshine Coast, so be sure to do your homework and find one with a long and proven history.

Value Proposition

Explain Your Website’s Value Proposition

Remember, it’s not just about the look and feel of the website, it’s about content and, most importantly, how well your website works. You have to explain the value proposition of your website to users . The subject matter should be clear as to what you are offering. Along with this, there should be few effective text and catchy graphic above the fold to improve call to action.

The professional website designer knows what’s going on in the Google World, and they know what works – and what doesn’t.

Sure you can download a template and do it yourself but seriously, do you have the time? And do you understand crucial elements, such as how to code for faster download, and the optimum number of characters per line for easy reading?

Speed Defines Everything!


They also know how to incorporate pictures and videos that will look great, but not take an age to load. Because, as we all know, the attention span of a user is minimal!

The templates you download yourself are very simple to say the least, when it comes to the back end. And because they use themes, they all tend to look alike.

An UX designer has access to all manner of programs, functions and tricks to develop better experiences for users.

For example, they don’t assume that visitors to the site will always enter through the Home Page. Therefore every page has to be optimised as a landing page to determine user experience design success.

Responsive Design – Content Is Like Water

Responsive Design

A professional website designer also knows that it’s essential to incorporate responsive design – that means the website will automatically adapt to the browser size. That’s hugely important, since mobile search has now officially overtaken desktop.

They also know that you don’t start with the design. They start by asking the client what they want, what it’s for, what type of business, what they need it to achieve, their goals and, of course, their budget.

In some ways, the purpose of the website decides the design.

By choosing the right website design team on the Sunshine Coast, you’ll likely to end up with a site far better than you thought you could afford.



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