Hire Professional Website Designers

Why wouldn’t you want to hire a professional website designer? While trying to save a dollar here and there is not new in any business or for any individual, there is a point in time and in particular situations where it is not a great idea. One of these particular situations is when you are getting your business website built.A lot of people may think sarcastically “well done… go on… never knew that”, but in actual fact it is a very common mistake that people do make. One which does often become costly to everyone who gets involved.

The great invitation of “I have a ….. who can build a website for you. They are not expensive either… eg a few hundred bucks… they are great at it” is almost a lead cause for professional website designers getting a bad rap without actually having a chance of talking to a customer.

So lets look at 5 of the common mistakes that result from hiring a cheap website designer with no real industry experience:

  1. The website gets built with all of the wrong types of components or plugins being installed.
  2. Website is incomplete when it is launched.
  3. The live site is deleted and the new website being built is done on the live site.
  4. The website doesn’t work on common web browsers
  5. Links are broken and the site doesn’t work as expected.

For the first problem of the wrong types of components or plugins being used. This typically happens as the person building the site wants to “impress” the site owner of how great it is that they can do “almost anything” with the site. That is great and all but if the components or plugins are not well supported or they have a lot of junky code in them it, it can cause no ends of headaches and troubles. In turn everyone gets hurt and is left bitter about the website.

Having the website incomplete and going live is realistically 2 peoples fault. While the saying “the customer is always right” applies in sales and customer relationships the case really doesn’t apply when they are the ones who approve the website to go live incomplete. Often in these cheap scenario’s the cheap website designer will do the content as well they really can’t do it, they are not passionate about your business and nor do they work in it, let lone own the business. You as the website owner should be checking out what you launch on your website before it is launched.

The live website is deleted and the new one is built in its place. Not much else can be attributed to this one except for BAD CHOICE IN YOUR WEBSITE DESIGNER…. RUN!!! Any website designer that does that clearly doesn’t understand the most basic principals of building a website which includes setting up a development area is clearly not the best choice. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells then the problem is not only with the designer. It is not normal under any situation.

The website doesn’t work on common web browsers. The website doesn’t work on common web browsers. This is still a common issue we come across when we see websites built for next to nothing. This is typical an inexperience issue with the website developer or an ignorance issue. Gone are the days where one browser is the best option. It is better to support more browsers than less in todays world.

Links are broken and the site is not working as expected is really both a designer and site owner issue if the site has gone live. It shows proper testing has not been completed. This is a mistake that does happen from time to time these days but it should not be overlooked.

If you believe one of these points applied to you while building your new website you should give Suncoast Web Solutions a call to get the right advice from a team of professionals who have extensive experience in website design.




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