Online Marketing Firm Guarantees Search Engine Internet Marketing Services

You may have the best looking website on the internet that has all the bells and whistles which also sells good value products or services. But you can’t figure out why you are not getting any customers or orders? It is unlikely that you will, unless you have a quality presence in the major search engines. After all what can you expect if you are hidden away in the back streets!

In my view traditional type advertising such as Radio and Newspaper advertising are on the way out and simply a waste of money compared to Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.

Recently our company spent a substantial amount of money advertising in our local newspaper. We took a quarter-page advert for 12 weeks. The end result being that it was a complete waste of money, as we did not get one enquiry. Our company also takes out a yellow pages ad each year. This year when the new yellow pages directory arrived naturally we checked to see that our ad looked ok and to make sure that there were no mistakes, as one does. I realised when checking that the last time I opened the yellow pages directory was the same time the previous year when I was checking our ad. Whilst we have some success in the yellow pages being that it might pay for itself at least, which is a way better result than getting nothing, it is still very expensive and hardly worth it if you are not getting the results.

We have had a great deal of success with Internet Marketing which is often referred to as Search Engine Optimization. Every day without question we get several serious enquiries for our Internet Marketing Services via the major search engines and more often than not each enquiry becomes a paying job and a new customer.

Whilst almost all web development companies offer Internet Marketing Services, it is our view that for the most part they don’t know what they are doing. I suggest that you put your internet marketing firm to the test by asking if they can give a money back guarantee on their Internet Marketing Services. You will find that 98% will back away immediately. I believe that unless a company advertising Internet Marketing has a track record in the business of Internet Marketing then you are taking a huge risk and you may as well blow your money by advertising in the yellow pages or newspaper.



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