The Benefits Of Doing 20 Minutes A Day Of Digital Marketing

We are all time poor these days, but the one thing we need to do is keep marketing. You may or may not have much time to do it yourself which is completely normal as a business owner. Let’s just say you did have a spare 20 minutes a day to do digital marketing.

What Would You Be Best Off Doing Digital Marketing?

Here are a few things you should consider doing, they could make the world of difference to your business.

Make A Blog Post

Making a blog post, just like this one is probably not as hard as you may think. Sure it does take some time but you could probably get a good rough draft ready at that time. Before you create the post you need to consider what it is you should discuss. Even better yet topics around common issues you see each day that you have a solution to can be great. Discussing trends or even some of the cool things you have been working on with customers can be beneficial.

The key to making the blog post though is making sure it is something your potential readers can relate to. Once you have finished writing the post, review it, make sure it reads well and make sure you are not rubbishing competitors or trying to shine a negative light on the industry you are in. Before posting it you should also place a few links to products or services you have been talking about and if there is a reference to external sites or articles place a couple of them in there as well.

Finally, after posting it, you need to make sure that you are giving your potential customers every possible chance to see it. To do this you should share it on your social media business pages.

Create Video Content

Creating videos can be one thing that you really enjoy doing for various reasons. They are often quick, to the point and most importantly viewers will get to see raw and hopefully unedited videos. Making a video that does show your personality can help engage customers more as they see you are like them. They can see that you are human and are giving it a go, which will often lead to you getting better results than you first think.

The great thing about the video content you can either pre-record it and post it as a VLOG or even better yet, create a “live” video that gets posted on to your business social media channels. They could be your winning ticket. Social Media platforms will often reward you for leaping to post live content. The longer you can keep the video going without making the video long-winded or boring the better the results.

Join Social Media Groups And Forums

Without a doubt, this one can take a bit of time to see results as it is all about being patient and offering value to the members. It will probably test your patience, you will probably see people who love to debate with you. There will also be members who think you are an idiot or disagree with your views. That is all a part of being a member of these types of groups. The great thing is that you don’t have to spend all day sitting on these groups or forums. It is going to be about pacing yourself and making sure that you offer as much value and nonbias advice when you can.

Over a period of time, this will amount to you having a lot of posts, a lot of interactions and more importantly, lots of new relationships that should lead to opportunities. The one thing you will see is people will start recommending you. That right there is what every business needs for long term success. The key to building such relationships may mean that you do not actively promote your business at every opportunity. Remember being patient is what this method is all about.

Educate Your Potential Customers With YouTube

We all know that when you want to learn something or see something in action that YouTube is the answer. You can actively search it for videos on how to do things, learn about products and much more. Leverage this for your business as well. Chances are that you will get not one view for a period of time, in fact, most people who start posting videos don’t get any views for a while. Do not let that put you down or dampen your experience or enthusiasm. There has been a lot of “influencers” who now are YouTube “celebrities” who tell you time and time again that they went months or years without results.

Once again don’t make the videos huge, make sure you transcribe the content into captions. By doing this you will enable the YouTubes’ bots the opportunity to make sure the content is relevant to a user’s search. It will also enable people who have disabilities to see the content as well.

Learn How To Use Google My Business And Similar Services

For those of you who are not in the industry, Google My Business is now a very important tool for you to start using. Google has now expanded the basic places listing into something much more powerful than people realize. This tool can have a hugely positive effect on your business and how it is found in search results. You can post offers, events, products and even what’s new with your business through it. These posts will then get featured when people do searches on topics you have posted on. More importantly, it will also help increase your chances of being found when people are roaming around your area looking for products or services. There are many other great things that Google My Business offers business owners to help them promote their business.

After just optimizing our very own Google My Business listing we have seen a solid increase in traffic and even inquiries about the services we offer. We know that we have only just scratched the surface of its potential. We can even interact with potential customers via the messaging service included in the App version of Google My Business.

Does This Honestly Take Only 20 Minutes A Day?

The answer is yes it can be done by doing just 20 minutes per day. Tackle one item in the list each day and without a doubt, you will see results. You shouldn’t expect a massive turn around right away but it will snowball eventually. A great example of this was a business a colleague had been running for a couple of years. He had been spending about 20 minutes per day, which he claimed was all he could spare, doing this on his business. Some of the things he did were slightly different due to the time in which he was testing this out. After about 6 months or so he started getting an extra lead or two each day. This built up a little bit more over the following 12 months and finally, when he got to about 18 months it got to about 8 leads per day.

Don’t forget you are only spending 20 minutes per day doing these tasks. It is going to take you a fair bit of time to see the benefits. Sometimes you will even find yourself spending more than 20 minutes doing it. The aim is just to spend small amounts of your spare time on it.

20 Minutes A Day Digital Marketing


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