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  • 5th Mar, 2018
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I’m always shocked when I hear that a business has stopped hiring professional digital marketing experts because it needed to ‘make savings’. There are plenty of other cuts you could make before you get rid of the one person who can help turn your business around.

Okay, it was different back in the day when everybody did business in person, buying everything they needed from the local store. Often there was no competition so attracting customers wasn’t that hard.

These days, businesses not only face increased local competition but also cost-cutting competition from overseas. So what’s the one ‘tool’ you need to be working 100%? Your website.

It must be said that not all website designers and web developers are the same. What you need is someone who ‘gets you’; someone with masses of experience, up-to-date knowledge and fair prices. Here are some tips to help you find the best web developer Sunshine Coast.


If you are working on a budget – or you want to be sure of brand continuity – choose a web developer that can also help with design, digital marketing, SEO services and graphic design. That way you can negotiate a package price and ensure your overall branding makes a big impact.


Check out examples of their work online. Have they built a variety of websites for different sized organisations and different industries? This shows that they will take the time to listen and learn about your business, so as to design the best site.


Are they across the latest Google search updates? Are they integrated new technologies into their web designs? Do they have the tools you need for a successful eCommerce site? You need the right mix of experience and current knowledge for success.


Let’s say you’re a brand new business; you need a website, branding, SEO campaign, hosting, domain name, the lot. Can they do that for you? As a new business owner, you’re too busy to control a range of different suppliers – you just need one good web developer Sunshine Coast.


Ask about security. If they brush you off you’ll know they don’t consider online security important. A good web developer will be building in strict security controls to stop hackers, especially if you have an online store. If they offer hosting this, too, will be sewn up tight and they should offer 24/7 support PLUS an uptime guarantee.


It’s likely your web developer will be working with some of your staff. The person you choose not only needs to understand your business, but also your organisation culture. They need to personable, able to explain tech-talk in plain English and confident enough to deal with both management and naysayers.


Having explained your needs the best web developer Sunshine Coast should be able to come up with a plan of action. This will include not only what’s needed now, but what you may need to be added down the line. A developer with the foresight to plan ahead will become a long-term asset for your organisation.

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