The Benefits Of Pay Per Click Advertising

Whilst most businesses know that using Social Media is now an important part of their marketing strategy, they don’t always understand how it all works.

They know that potential customers use search engines to locate the products and services they need. And they know that Organic Search is awesome because it’s free!

Sadly, however good your business is, it’s unlikely it will survive on organic search alone. There’s just too much competition out there.


At Suncoast Web Solutions we recommend a mix of SEO (organic) and SEM (such as PPC and AdWords). PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising. And this is how it works.

You basically pay Google to list your business at the top of the search listings. So when a potential customer clicks on your link, they go straight to your website, ready to be converted. You pay per click or per view.

Here are some reasons why we recommend this:

More than 40% of internet users will choose one of the top 3 (paid) ranked businesses in a search

When done correctly businesses can double their investment on AdWords

Many potential customers (nearly 50%) can’t tell the difference between paid and organic results

And the real clincher – a PPC advert can boost your brand awareness by 80%

There are agencies offering Pay Per Click advertising services but it’s better to make it an integral part of a well planned online marketing strategy. The reason being that you need to measure how it works alongside your other marketing and advertising.

100$ Measurable

Pay Per Click advertising is 100% measurable. At Suncoast Web Solutions, we can tell you how many people saw your advert, and how they landed on your website. This is a must so that you can work out your ROI.

We can also help you measure:

Profit Margin and Sales Volume

Conversion Rate

Visitor Acquisition Value

Value Proposition for PPC justified

Pay Per Click advertising offers a more targeted option than general advertising. The latter can be quite hit or miss, whilst PPC is designed to specifically target people looking for the product or service you offer.

Here are some other benefits to using PPC:

Speed: Reaping the rewards of organic search can take time. Pay Per Click advertising can be launched quickly to bring qualified leads to your website.

Targeted Market: Pay Per Click advertising can be scheduled to run during the highest sales periods and in particular geographical areas. This gives you more bang for your advertising buck.

Monitoring: Pay Per Click advertising is a great place to try out new keywords and ensure your SEO campaign is on track. You can also direct potential customers to different pages on your website, to see which ones generate the most conversions.

There’s one thing we always advise, however. Nothing builds a solid customer base better than the personal touch. Pay Per Click advertising services may offer you instant gratification, but you should still put the time into building strong customer relationships. That’s what will build trust and ensure that your brand is seen as a leader.



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