Are You Neglecting Your Website?

Every business owner has the intent to build their website and make it better than everyone else that is in their industry. This is a great intention to have, it is one that is not followed very closely by many. By you not updating your website frequently you run the risk of becoming one of those website owners that are sadly neglecting their website.

If you find it hard to keep your websites information up to date, cannot find enough new information to add to the website or even ways to improve your website regularly, then you could be at risk of falling in to the category of website owners that neglect possibly one of their most important marketing assets.

Your website is one of the only marketing tools that can be an invaluable asset to your business and its ongoing success. The great thing is that a little bit of effort from your website can generate measurable results. These results could lead to more sales, more sign ups to your newsletters, more educated customers visiting your business or even more likes on your social media pages.

A few things you can do that will ensure you keep your website up to date and keep your customers coming back for more is doing some simple tasks like:

  1. Adding award logos for awards your business has received
  2. Mentioning on your website things that add credibility to your business. It could be an association with a particular industry organisation
  3. Display information on any new products you have coming out in the near future
  4. Updating the content on the website regularly by replacing old text and images with newer, refined and more targeted text and images.
  5. Updating product information on your website
  6. Add reviews on products or services from customers.
  7. Create and Post videos for various aspects of your website.

Putting some of these things in to your digital marketing strategy could make the world of difference and attract more visitors or customers to your website. Make sure that whatever it may be that you are going to add that it is relevant to your business, it is something that your business or its customers will benefit from.

If you are not sure what you can do with your website or what you should be doing give Suncoast Web Solutions a call today on 07 5479 3888, we can help you put together a sound digital media marketing plan.



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