4 Steps To A Better Understanding Internet Marketing And SEO

It seems that some people make large amounts of money while others struggle to make money from internet marketing. What is the difference? What mistakes are people making that prevent them from achieving success at internet marketing? In this article we talk about mistakes that could be preventing you from making money online.

1. Market Research

It’s important that you do your market research. A common mistake seems to be “Insufficient Research”

Whilst many businesses understand the importance of performing market research to discover whether or not the product and or services they wish to sell is really in demand, yet many people seem to forget this step when trying to make money online. This can be one of the most serious mistakes you can make in internet marketing and can cost you a lot of money, or at least prevent you from making any. In order to start a successful online business you need to begin with doing some basic research to find out if the product and or services that you intend to sell online is in demand and or how much competition you are likely to be up against.

2. Having Your Own Website

Having your own website to make money online may seem like an obvious step, but for many affiliate marketers try to make money online by simply promoting their affiliate links through marketing methods. Having your own website is an essential part of making money online as it allows you to collect visitor’s email addresses and do legal email marketing.

3. Do business in Line with your skills and or Interests

We think it especially important that you have product knowledge and be passionate about the products and services that you intend marketing online. In order to be successful at your online business you not only need to choose products that your customers will be interested in and buy, but you should also choose a business that interests you and better still know your products. If you are not good at sales then don’t try to sell products, if you cannot design a good website ask someone else to do it for you, often people think that they can save money by building their own website. Most importantly choose a business that interests you, if you don’t like to travel, then don’t, start a travel website; if you love motor bikes, consider starting a website that sells and or promotes motor bike accessories.

4. Keyword research

Do not assume that just because you might use a specific keyword or phrase to find what you are looking for in your favourite search engine, does not mean that everyone else uses the same keyword or phrase. It is pointless targeting a keyword or phrase if no one is searching for the same keyword. Sure you might be number 1 in the search results but if no one else visits the same page you will not you will not get any visitors to your website. You will find that those whom are serious about finding what they are looking for will use longer more precise key phrases. This being the case it is much more likely that their searching will result in a sale or conversion also.

A great tool that we use to determine the best keywords or phrases is a website called word tracker.

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