Is Your Website Content As Fresh As Your Coffee?

In recent times we have seen update after update released by search engines but none as agressive as the Penguin update released by Google some 12 months or so ago. Just a few days ago Google announced that webmasters will see a panda refresh and this could be a doozie to say the least.

Initial reports indicate that what has been a manual refresh will become an automated refresh with the coming updates to Google’s search. The official release date will remain secret until its been released however a spokesperson has suggested it will be in the ‘upcoming weeks’ which usually means really really soon. So how does this affect the common business owner with website content that has not been updated in recent years? Well if it is as agressive as the first iteration of the Panda update then our advice is start writing new content that is more relevant and up to date with what your business is doing.

Because the new updates will contain an automated refresh element the need for website owners to update their content regularly and considerably has just become a reality. While it currently is not a huge issue ultimately there will be a point where your website content will need to be as fresh as your coffee and probably on a monthly basis rather than a biannual basis like most small businesses adopt.

Some have asked whether this will be the only update change as a part of the next Google update and while the short answer is ‘no’ the exact list wont be made public for quite sometime and even once released it can take a few weeks for SEO Professionals to see what the other updates include. Keep looking out for ranking changes and more importantly make sure your website content is updated sooner rather than later.



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