Is Your Bank Costing Your Business Money?

One cost that every business owner and probably everyday bank account holder complains about is the fee’s associated with having a bank account. It is understandable that banks, just like any business has to right to make money right?

This isn’t what this article is about though. Rather what happens when the bank doesn’t incentivize you or force you as a business owner to not only CHANGE but more importantly do things that will help you reduce running costs and free up valuable time in the working week for your staff?

Well in a lot of cases, especially where your customers are transacting with you online but you are processing payments offline, this could be costing you thousands per month or more depending on your size.

According to a few business owners they can still process credit card information submitted to them via their website in their office or store. In turn when the order comes through each morning their staff have to go through and process each transaction manually. While we have a solution for this, and quite a cost effective one it was a little scary to think that the banks not only allow manual credit card processing through terminals for orders from websites but more importantly they do not force more secure ways for businesses to accept credit card payments.

eWay is one of the most cost effective options in the market place today to use as a payment gateway provider to accept credit card payments through your website. Furthermore to the initial payment gateway offering that they have there is now an option for eWay to act as your merchant services vendor as well.

eWay is one of Australia’s oldest and leading payment gateway providers. In 1998 eWAY was launched with a vision to make accepting online payments easy. Today eWay have an estimated 25% of the local online market and are actively trading in 8 different countries.

With this experience and knowledge you can be assured that your payment options and your customers credit card information is handled just as securely as if it was the bank processing the transaction. By deploying eWay as a solution for processing credit card payments through your website your staff would no longer have to manually process each transaction as they come through. Infact not only will you save in staff productivity but more importantly clients will be able to complete their transactions knowing that you have received their payment so you can send out their good or provide them with the service they are after.

The technology eWay supply to developers like Suncoast Web Solutions we can provide customers with the ability to process transactions in real time through their website but more importantly give them flexibility for subscription solutions or even preauthorization for upcoming events or booking of services.

If you feel that your bank is costing your business money and your staff valuable time each day and would like to know more on how we could help save your business time contact Suncoast Web Solutions today!



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