Why Website Design And Development Must Work Hand-In-Hand

To many people, website designer is another name for a website developer, and vice versa, but these are actually two very different jobs.

Whilst they share some common ground, there are fundamental differences: a website designer designs the look and feel of the website – theme, colours, font, images, while the website developer actually builds the site from the ground up, putting in the crucial links and codes that make it work.

This is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario, and there is much debate as to whether the site should be fully designed before the developer starts work, or whether they should work together to complete the task.

Incorporate the Best of Both Worlds

Generally, website designers have enough technical know-how to understand what works and what doesn’t, but wouldn’t open up more possibilities if they worked hand-in-hand with the developer? Surely the overall result will be a website that incorporates the best of both worlds.

The thing is, both designer and developer want the same result; they both want the site to be attractive, functional, fast and provide the best user experience. That is the basis of good web design on the Sunshine Coast.

But what if the designer wants some complicated animation that might well look amazing, but the developer knows it will substantially slow down the website, which will ultimately lose customers for the client.

Looks and Functionality

And what about mobile optimisation? For a website to be successful today, it needs to function perfectly on mobile devices, for the full user experience. Websites that don’t deliver on this will not only potentially lose prospective customers, but also see a slump in their search ranking.

If the website designer and developer work together, they can be sure of fulfilling that criteria first time.

Web development on the Sunshine Coast is an exciting and challenging industry these days. Get it right, and the results can be phenomenal; get it wrong and the client will not be happy! But should the developer or the designer have the final say? The truth is, they need each other for success. In effect, they are the left and the right sides of the brain working together.

Benefits of Working Together

Working together results in a more cohesive project that gives the client the full package – great looks and amazing functionality. There are many other benefits, too.

For example, research shows that when we bounce ideas off others and collaborate, the results are markedly better. It’s also a second set of eyes to check for errors or flaws.

By working together on web development on the Sunshine Coast, both designer and developer can learn new skills, as well as respect for each other’s work. They will also understand the importance of explanation.

So developers, if you are rejecting a design for completely practical reasons, explain that, rather than letting your co-worker experience self-doubt; use terminology the designer will understand.

And designers, provide all the elements the developer needs, so they don’t have to go looking. And if you want a certain feature or effect, explain why you think it will add to both the look and the success of the site, rather than simply demanding it be done!



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