Why Flash Based Websites Are A Thing Of The Past

Having a website that stands out for website visitors and potential customers is crucial as we all are told. What happens when you have animations and in some cases, entire websites built using technologies like Flash?

While you may have a great looking website and there are plenty of great examples of Flash-based websites that look stunning the positives stop there. Yes it may get the message across, yes it may be getting you sales but it is already costing you sales at the same time.

New Devices and platforms like Apple and their range of operating systems, for example, cannot see Flash-based websites. This is one very well documented fact out there on the internet. The other important factor that probably outweighs Apple users (sorry Apple lovers…but this one is true….) is the fact that search engines like Google and Yahoo cannot read ANY flash nor can they see the content stored within the flash animation.

So what does this mean for people who own Flash-based? Unfortunately, it means that only your home page will be indexed in the search engines and more importantly NONE of the keywords on your site will be readable.

The best solution you have when you are in this situation is to rebuild your website on a different platform using a different technology. Great examples of search engine friendly platforms are WordPress or Joomla.

Yes, it will mean that you will lose the current look and feel you have for your website. It will mean that you will have to go through the redesign process but the positive is that your website once built will be going down the right path to getting your website back on track and in front of all of those potential customers you were not reaching before.

If you ever get advised that building your new website using Flash is a great thing and will do exactly what you are after you can now know that building in flash is definitely not a great thing and is honestly a thing of the past.



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