What’s New In Website Design On The Sunshine Coast?

Does a day go by when we don’t read about the latest and greatest idea in website design or another algorithm update by Google, or whether SEO is dead? Sometimes it can be hard to pick out what’s useful and what isn’t.

The fact is, however, that if you’re thinking about updating your web design on the Sunshine Coast, there are trends that are really worth taking note of. To decipher which ones those are, just remember the phrase, ‘first impressions count’.

Make It Count

If somebody clicks on your website there’s no guarantee they’ll stay for longer than a few seconds. If they do stay, there’s no guarantee they’ll become a customer. We consumers are a fickle bunch and if the website we visit is just a bit slow, or a bit hard to navigate or a bit boring, we’ll go elsewhere.

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So if you had to choose changes that would improve that first impression, you should be considering the visual impact, loading speed, mobile-friendliness and quality content.

It’s important to remember that we are very visual beings; our brains cope better with information that is presented visually. When you look at what’s happening in website design on the Sunshine Coast right now, you’ll see that landing pages are making more of those eye-catching visual elements.

Mobile Friendly

Video is a great way of catching the eye and you can expect to see a lot more of it on websites in the future. Just be mindful of the fact that you’re also trying to load pages quickly, so be careful what videos you choose.

And remember, whatever media you use on your site, it needs to work as well on mobile devices. This is even more important now, since the launch of Google’s Mobile-First Indexing. And that brings us back to the SEO is dead debate!

web design sunshine coast

It’s not dead it’s just forever evolving, and Mobile-First Indexing is a game-changer. Remember, this means that Google now ranks websites based on the mobile version of their content. If your current web design on the Sunshine Coast is more than a couple of years old, it might not translate well to mobile devices, and you could see your ranking drop.

Time for an Update

Remember, first impressions. It not only has to look amazing, and load fast, but it has to work brilliantly on the smallest mobile phone.

If you’re trying to do all this yourself, as well as run a business, you might struggle. Being your own webmaster used to be pretty easy; write a couple of blogs, stick in some keywords, and away you go.

These days it would probably pay you to either get your website redesigned to reflect all these changes or enlist the help of an SEO expert – or both.

One thing we do know is that attracting and engaging website visitors, and getting ranked, is only going to get harder. In the meantime, your market is becoming more competitive. If ever there was a time to make first impressions count, this is it. And whilst that might mean some investment in your online presence, it just might safeguard the future of your organisation.



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