Why You Need A Web Solutions Company

Something I get asked a lot is what’s the difference between a web designer on the Sunshine Coast, a web developer and a graphic designer; the answer is, quite a lot. Are they one and the same? No. Do you need all three? Yes.

By now, as a business owner, you’re probably seeing dollar signs and a lot of time spent driving from one to the other. There is an alternative, and that’s the web solutions company.

Web Solutions Company

The web solutions company has come about due to the massive changes in the website industry. It used to be quite a simple place, where you could stick a few pretty pictures on a site and sit back, waiting for customers to come.

Today that world is a minefield of technology where every second counts and customers come and go as they please. If they don’t like the colours on your website, they’ll leave; maybe the page took one second too long to load, so they’ve gone.

Your website has to be visually exciting, engaging and informative – but not promotional, fast and colourful, easy to read and navigate and work perfectly on any device. But even that’s not enough! It also has to include all the right words to keep the search engines happy. Wow, it’s quite a challenge!

One Stop Shop

That’s where the web solutions company comes in. This is a one-stop-shop that can take care of all your online needs, from website design and development to content and SEO, web hosting and branding. Not only does this save you time and, generally, money, but it also ensures continuity across your brand and prominence in the market.

Suddenly you’ve got a whole heap of professionals working for your brand, all under one roof. Just makes sense, right? It certainly represents better value for money.

Web Designer

It also takes care of those important issues that sometimes fall into the crack between web design and web development, things like site security and payment gateways; things that could cost you money, or your reputation, if they go wrong.

Websites of the Future

When you consider how much websites have changed over the last decade it’s easy to understand how the role of the web designer on the Sunshine Coast has also evolved. Creating amazing websites, usually on a budget, is not only hard, but it also demands input from many different specialists.

And what of the future? What will websites look like in five years, 10 years or more? While some businesses are still struggling to make their websites mobile-friendly, web developers are looking at how best to incorporate virtual reality.

Rather than looking at pictures of products on a static website, shoppers will be able to ‘step into’ the store and browse. We’re also learning more about holographic website design and other amazing technologies.

One thing’s for sure, the poor old website designer working alone is going to struggle; the hi-tech websites of the future are going to need one-stop think tanks of skilled individuals, all working together to create the latest and greatest.



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