Are Websites Getting To Pushy? Why Not Push Back?

Have you noticed that over the past 6-12 months websites are now asking more and more whether you would like to receive notifications from them? Facebook is definitely one of the first adopters of this technology (Web Push Notifications or Browser Notifications). Now we are all seeing this happen more and more. The question we have been asked a lot lately is “how are they doing this?” The technology is not new, it is not hard to implement. It is really powerful when used properly as well.

So what is this technology called? Surprisingly enough you probably have already heard of it. It is called “Web Push Notifications“. There are a few ways to implement this feature into your website and the great news is that it is not an expensive exercise.

How Does Web Push Notifications Work?

In the simplest of terms, a user says “yes” to accepting notifications from a website. Their web browser lists the given website in their notifications list. The website has an app tied to it which will then send out the notifications as needed. In some cases it could be a sale, it could be a new blog post or even a new product being launched. No matter what it is, this sort of notification system is handy to have.

Why Would I Consider Adding This Feature To My Website?

While we all love to get traffic to our website, there is always that over the hanging question “why am I not converting?”. It could be for a variety of reasons. Having the opportunity to re-engage a lot of these visitors is unlikely to happen. If they didn’t like your site or find what they were after, chances are you won’t see them again. The Push Notification system gives you the opportunity to notify those who are happy to receive new rich content messages through web notifications from you.

From a business standpoint, this tool is awesome! In fact, if you have not considered adding Push notifications, you are crazy! Here is why… Research carried out on the effectiveness of Web Push Notifications have shown that they will get on average a 30x conversion rate over email. There are not many other systems that can generate that sort of results unless of course, you are not employing any remarketing or marketing solution in the first place.

What Sort Of Uses Could I Apply Web Push Notifications To?

Popular uses of this technology include new blog posts, abandoned cart reminders, announcements, mentions and follows just to name a few. If you are looking for some other real-world applications then you don’t have to go far. Most social media websites have Push Notification systems in place.

You can even use them as a great way to broadcast important messages to your website visitors or even to let people know of exciting upcoming events in your business. It is just a matter of thinking about some potential uses and experimenting with it.

How Much Does It Cost?

It is really a numbers and options game. Some people will say that it is expensive. To deploy it into your WordPress or other popular content management system or e-commerce website it is actually very cheap. The cost in time would be depending on how experienced your website developer is. We had one of our developers deploy the web push Notification into our website in just under 30 minutes.

The ongoing costs will depend on how many people are opting to receive notifications. One platform that we looked in to is free for the first 30,000 subscribers. Once you go over that 30,000 the price jumps to $99 US per month. Others charge from the get-go and that is fine if you can see the value in what is being offered.

Is This Not Too Intrusive To Have On A Website?

While some would argue that it is invasive or intrusive, the truth is though, it is all about marketing. A lot of websites are no doubt doing it to you and you are probably feeling a bit battered and bruised from it. From a business standpoint, which is what pays your income, it is brilliant.

You as a website owner now get to push back. If you are fairly aggressive you will probably get the hang of it and hammer everyone accordingly. If you are like us, then you will find that you won’t use it heavily and you will get better results from it.

How Can We Get It On Our Website?

Contact Suncoast Web Solutions today and we will point you in the right direction. We will guide you through the process and we can even give you training on how to make the most of this with your website.

To start sending push notifications to your website visitors, contact Suncoast Web Solutions today.




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