Video Ads Have More Traction That You May Believe

Each year the marketing industry looks forward to seeing trend setters and market leaders show off their new concepts and advertising campaigns. One place that everyone seems to watch is the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl believe it or not is where you see advertising touchdowns or total failures. It is that big infact that a large number of brands allocate huge dollars and hopes on the response from their Super Bowl advertising. It has gone that big it is now deemed by many as the “Super Expensive TV Screen Time” advertising.

This year just like every year showed a lot of great ads and failures. One that got a huge amount of social media attention is Budweisers “Puppy Love” ad. According to a media agency the ad got shared a massive 1.38 million times and post event had the sixth most shared Super Bowl ad of all time to date.

Video ads being shared online is nothing new but they do not just start there. According to a video ad platform called LiveRail revealed that this year there was an “unprecedented demand” for video ads over a 12 hour period after the Super Bowl ended.

What does this mean in terms of advertising traction? Well it is simple, the amount of people streaming the Super Bowl to their devices all got to see the video ads during the streaming broadcast. This number from other sources indicated that it far exceeded the amount of actual viewers watching the Super Bowl via their TV’s while the Super Bowl was actually on.

This advertising medium is so big that YouTube and other video media outlets are utilising this advertising medium to generate more income and so far the results have said to have netted Google alone more than $5.6 Billion since 2013.

Ifyou get the opportunity to advertise through video ads it may be worth considering over the traditional radio or tv station advertising. If you own a successful website with videos then it may be a great revenue raiser for you.



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