Should You Work On Your Google Adwords, Bing Ads And Other Paid Search Platforms?

One of the most costly expenses within any viable business is typically the advertising costs and for those who understand the potential of the internet and websites the cost doesn’t really slow down when you take your business online.

The costs can be reduced once time has passed by and you have proven your businesses ability to sell and provide product to the market place. The cost associated with Google Adwords, Bing Ads or other paid search platforms is one cost that a lot website owners tend to complain about when it comes to paying search engines.

One relatively unrealised issue is that people do not understand the benefits of having a professional managing your marketing campaign for you. While for a lot of small businesses it seems to be something that they should be able to manage it really shouldn’t be. Sure there are costs involved with having a professional managing your ad campaign for you and it should cost you a bit of money to have. In the same vein it should save you money.

A brief example is a client of ours who a couple of years ago had “dabbled in adwords” as they had told us. We continued to ask them how did it go for them… The typical response “yeah it was good I guess but it was super expensive and we couldn’t justify keeping it up…” was what we got. We asked them why they hadn’t considered using a professional who has experience in Adwords. Once again we got the typical “ooooohhhh that can be expensive and we didn’t want to waste too much money on it…”

We gave them an opportunity to work with our adwords professional and said to them that it would be worth revisiting again as they could be missing out on some good sales. The client agreed and so we started working with them on a small adwords campaign.

The first thing we did was had our adwords professional investigate the existing account. Sure enough we discovered that the customer had done what most customers in similar situations had done which was put the default first page bid in to their keyword list. This in some cases was costing the client $15.85 a click or higher. To make it worse they didn’t even investigate as to how many clicks or the estimated traffic levels they should expect as a result of targeting the said keyword.

With a bit of fine tuning over a couple week period we had got their ads and keywords down to a minimum and more importantly we established a daily budget. In that time the client has now made several moderate increases in their advertising budget but more importantly they have finally got their adwords campaign under control.

In relation to the adword professionals bill it actually worked out that what the customer was wasting on high cost keywords worked out to be a little more than the cost for the professional to do his job. The best thing is that once the bidding was optimized and keywords list was culled the customers website sale also increased.

While this worked out well for the client and even better for us as we provided a working solution. It did show to a few of our other clients who were reluctant to invest with Bing and Facebook ads that if they get it done properly by a paid search professional it could actually save them not only in time but more importantly on that bottom line. Even better yet we received a couple of great testimonials.

If you have been managing your Google Adwords campaign or Paid Search campaign but have not had a professional review your account and its effectiveness give Suncoast Web Solutions a call on 07 5479 3888.



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