Keep Them Coming Back

The biggest failing in the Internet world is for business not to understand the importance of doing things on the website that attract visitors and, what’s more, keep them coming back.

There are two guidelines to consider. Create links in and out of your site and ensure its content is relevant to your preferred visitor.

Establishing links is no different than forming business relationships with complementary organisations that recognise the benefit of being part of a larger community that shares a common client. If yours is a retail fishing tackle business consider links with local charter boat operators, government agencies which oversee recreational fishing rules or even companies which cater for international fishing tours.

It’s sad but many businesses have unrealistic expectations of what a website can achieve.

A website is another weapon which must be integrated with your business marketing activities. It is not a cure-all for failure to use advertising, media relations, or attend trade shows.

You must promote your website and continue to add content. An active site encourages return visits. Google and other search engines like this also. We’ll talk in future about how you can attract visitors through knowing what content will attract search engines.

Did you know that some 17,000 people in Australia actually make their living selling products through the website eBAY and a growing number of businesses are choosing to do business online –that means actually selling products through their websites.

There are a number of things one can do to keep visitors coming back to e-commerce sites.

First, ensure that your product range is up to date. It’s a lot easier and cheaper to update a website than to reprint a hard copy catalogue or price list. Second, actively promote any new products by featuring them on the home page, not simply listing them in the product catalogue. Make a special offer which changes each month or create a simple email competition and promote the winner’s name through the website.

The list continues of many things you can do to make visitors want to return to your site.

Start a newsletter. It’s a fantastic way to stay in touch and keep potential customers interested and coming back.

Launch an events calendar, so that people can post events and happenings in their suburb or region allowing others to see what’s going on. The calendar might list competitions, seminars, training or educational and self-improvement activities.

Likewise a picture gallery or a forum, which allows visitors to express opinions, are other means of making a site active.



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