Influencer Marketing: The Way To Market Well In 2020

Marketing to You may or may not have heard about us before. However, you have now just heard from your friend that we do great websites. Once you check out our site and social media presence, you decide to give us a call or drop us a line. We know that we now have more than a 90% chance of picking you up as a customer. All because your friend spoke highly of us and you saw our work.

Let’s take it one step further and say that your brand sells a great sporting product that has been purchased by a professional player. As a result of this player purchasing your product they go out and use this at an event, they are attending. While you may not see this yourself, by default, they have in fact now promoted your product. People, who know who this athlete is, look up to them and respect their opinion. So by seeing that this person is using your product, the onlookers will go “oh, if … Is using this product, it must be good!”.

The Results Are Pure Because of The Following Reasons:

  • The authenticity of an endorsement of an influential person.
  • Brand reputation as a result of an influencer using a given product.
  • The targeted audience is seeing someone they admire/look up to/respect using a particular product.

Why Is Having An Influencer Important In Marketing Your Product Or Service?

To be honest, from a marketing standpoint, there is nothing better than having an influencer using your product. Primarily because it is in front of others who will seek their recommendations. If that person appeals to a big enough audience they will entice a good number of people to purchase the product or service. Once the product or service gets used by others who have been influenced, the word of mouth referral component will kick in. It is a very cost-effective way to promote a brand. While it may seem like it is expensive for some people in some industries. The costs over a longer period will be cheaper than other traditional advertising methods.

How Do You Start Influence Marketing In Your Business?

There is a well-defined process that you should follow. Once again, it is not as hard as you think. It is also something you have probably done in other marketing exercises previously. You need to define your goals. Work out who would be your ideal type of influencer. Define how you are going to get an influencer to endorse your product or service. Identify your ideal target audience. Target the right influencers, qualify them, create content for them, and then monitor your results.

Now it is not something you need to do completely by yourself but what we have mentioned above is the general guideline and structure behind marketing. Something that we should point out is there are influencer marketing platforms out there. These platforms will help you bridge the gaps in your influencer marketing strategy like finding the right influencers etc.

So Why Should I Consider This Form Of Marketing?

Social influence marketing is not the be-all and end-all of online marketing in the future. It will, however, create interest in your product or service that didn’t exist previously. After the newfound interest has started to take you will find yourself reviewing your marketing goals. You will find that you are starting to tick off some of those goals.

Believe it or not, subconsciously you have in your personal life probably been a victim of this marketing concept for as long as you can remember. Large companies like Loreal, Dyson, Nike, Coca-Cola, Lego, Woolworths, Telstra, and alike have used this tactic on you and everyone you know.

The conversion rate that you will see from influencer marketing if it is done right will certainly impress you. As we mentioned before in this article, it is a technique that will give multiple results each time. If you are still not sure about it and whether it can be of benefit in your business get in contact with us. Our team of Social Media and Digital Marketing experts can discuss with you in detail your options. At least the very least you will have explored the option and as a result of exploring it. You will have worked out whether it is for you or not.

Neil McNulty is the founder and owner of Suncoast Web Solutions. He has over 20 years of experience working with business owners and organizations of various sizes. The areas of Neils experience and expertise include Digital Marketing, Website Development, Website Design, and Website Hosting.



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