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  • 6th Feb, 2019
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We all want our websites to load faster to enhance the viewer’s experience. Website users continually demand faster, easier access to sites; a poor performing site is a website owner’s worst nightmare, as it will drive potential customers away.

Experts claim that websites taking more than 5 seconds to load are a cause for concern.

Page speed is now one of Google’s most important ranking factors. When you boost your page speed, your keyword ranking will improve, your site will attract more visitors and the user experience is upgraded.

There are many reasons why pages load slowly, including poorly optimized content, server configuration, unnecessary redirects, CSS, JavaScript etc. You can test your website page speed using Google’s Page Speed Insights; this tool will analyze the performance of your website both on desktop and mobile.

Here  Are 7 Ways You Can Improve Your Website Page Speed:

Website Speed


Website loading speed can have a direct impact on your business growth, especially if your site attracts unique audiences. Improving website speed is crucial if you are serious about growing your business and overtaking your competitors.

Website speed has become part of your brand; a faster loading website delivers better customer experiences, lowers bounce rates and increases conversions.

The advantages of having a fast loading website:

  1. Speedy loading sites rank much better in the search engines.
  2. The Server load is decreased when speed is optimized.
  3. A fast loading website will always increase the conversion rates.


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