How Often Should You Upgrade Your Website

Every website at some stage will need to have a stack of updates applied to it. Every website at some stage will need to have a face lift. These are all things that we as website owners know and are mindful of. The one thing that a lot of website owners do not realise is how often it should be.

Typically a website for a small business will not change all that often as it is not a precursor to the success of their business or one of the forefront items that are chosen for their marketing plans. This is probably a more backwards way of thinking as we steam in to this century. By now most well established businesses are on to their 5th or 6th website, some even are on to their 8th or 9th!

Every website designer we know of will tell you that your website should be updated EVERY day and done by them. That is fairly obvious as they want to stay off the unemployment queue. The realistic fact is that the content should be updated regularly, whether it be monthly, quarterly or half yearly. The design should be done at least once every couple of years. The reason for both of these time frames is to show your potential and repeat customers that you are still around

Upgrading your website software though is another story all together. This is something where we have even seen customers go 3-4 years without doing one. This is a major no no in terms of ideals out there on the internet.

Infact you should really be upgrading the software running on your site as soon as there is an update released. This is to help protect your website from possible attacks or being defaced. It can also save a lot of embarrasment when you are expecting a lot of people to visit your website. In short if you consider your website to be just like a physical retail store you always need to do maintenance to it and keep it clean. Doing this maintenance stops it from deteroating and having things going wrong that may cause interruption to your business operations or its ability to be open.

Putting all of these reasons aside the cost to keep your website software up to date alone could save you a couple of thousand of dollars every couple of years. For small business this is probably one of the biggest reasons why they do not regularly update their website or its software.

So if you have a website that is over a year or so old and have not recently had any upgrades done to the software or applied any updates give us a call or complete the form below so that we can help you get your website back online and up to date.



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