How Much Do You Value Your Online Business Presence?

Each year we see businesses come and go in our industry, no more than some other industries but enough to make you take notice of throughout the year. Then on social media sites we see lots of new businesses forming and being promoted.

As designers, marketers and developers we are naturally proud of our work and seeing so many businesses over the past 18 months starting online through the likes of Facebook is fantastic news. The one thing though that tends to be lost when these newer businesses are forming is the amount they truly value of their online presence.

We have seen a lot of the larger, more traditional businesses migrate their marketing focus from traditional physical mediums to the likes of online marketing in recent years which has been fantastic for both the consumer and digital media industry agencies. These same larger businesses also seem to have a solid grasp on the value of a great website presence, where as the smaller newer companies seem to greatly undervalue their website presence and more importantly they seem to have almost non existant online marketing budgets. Marketing budgets though for traditional media like Newspaper ads etc seem to still be anywhere up to tens of thousands for these new businesses.

Some of the more successful website owners in the market place have policies in place whereby if their website servers go offline another kicks in and starts serving the website again. This is often even an automated system and one that happens so quick website visitors never know that such a thing has happened. They do this for the obvious reason that it makes them money. Surely this sort of thing should give you as website owners or business owners a solid reason to invest heavily in to online marketing and presences.

Google has recently released information about a study they carried out about SEO and its effect on businesses both starting up and ones starting to market online. They were able to determine that in general terms you will find that SEO can help your business grow faster than any other medium or method available in today’s market. This information should really be a massive wake up call to the business owners who shy away from it. If you have a great strategy in place for SEO and one that effectively targets your ideal clients / customers then there is no reason why you would advertise in other mediums.

Sure internet marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money, sure website development can also cost a lot of money, however typically the more you invest in to the online component of your business the better the results will be.

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