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  • 24th Dec, 2014
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Did you know that Suncoast Web Solutions is now a merchant and cash back point for Lyoness members? In todays world getting a discount is almost a given with all the massive retailers out there getting one from a network of like minded businesses for extended periods of time is not. This however has changed for Australian businesses thanks to an international company called Lyoness.

In August 2014 Suncoast Web Solutions became a Lyoness Merchant and cashback point for Lyoness members. Lyoness is a world wide company offering cashback to members from over 200,000 cashback points around the world. Simply show your Lyoness cashback card in store with participating merchants or login to your Lyoness account online. From there you can get access to online shops offering cashback or you can buy gift cards for the popular retailers.

How does this benefit Suncoast Web Solutions customers? As a customer of Suncoast Web Solutions you can get up to 4% cashback on every purchase in store after you ask about becoming a Lyoness member and signing up.

What makes this membership so special is that you can then take your Lyoness card and use it anywhere in the world that has a Lyoness cashback point. Whether you are in Australia, America, England, Ireland, Europe or somewhere else, it doesn’t matter as long as there is a Lyoness merchant accepting Lyoness cards.

If you are looking at getting a website built by professionals but get a bit extra back just for being a customer call Suncoast Web Solutions today on 07 5479 3888

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