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  • 7th Dec, 2017
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Like so many things in life, website design is one of those things many people think they can do. When you search for an eCommerce website design company you’ll get loads of results. So how do you choose?

There are a few things you should look for and ask if you want to find the best eCommerce website design company. Check out the following:


Does the company offer a custom design service? It’s all very well showing you lots of pretty templates but can they tailor-make something to suit your particular needs? An eCommerce website needs to be exact. It must be easy for your customers to use. Very often it is more cost-effective for a business to choose a custom designed website. This is especially true if you’re a new business, as the backend can be set up to allow additional features to be added later.


The best eCommerce website design company will be able to show you examples of other sites they have created, along with glowing testimonials. Ideally, they will also have many years’ experience in creating eCommerce websites that work well. Lots of new website designers spring up all the time but you can’t beat real experience and knowledge.


When it comes to branding, continuity is the key to success. What else can this eCommerce website design company do for you? Choosing a company that only designs and develops is very limiting. It’s best to choose one that also offers SEO marketing services, web hosting and even graphic design. That way you know your branding will be strong. It also saves you running around finding different suppliers.

With Google telling us continually that it rewards quality content, it’s a good idea to choose an eCommerce website design company that has its own professional content writer. Whilst this will add to the cost of development in the short-term, it will give you a superior website with better ranking results.


When you work with a company that covers all elements of web design and development, you don’t need to spend time overseeing the project or communicating with individuals. Whilst the company will keep you up-to-date, you won’t be bombarded on a daily basis with details.


Does the company offer a maintenance service? Is there 24/7 backup? And what about an uptime guarantee on hosting? Ask the questions because this will save you time, money and stress in the long run.


Make sure the company is up-to-date with the latest ideas and tools. Ask them about Responsive Web Design, Infographics, Payment Gateways and SEO marketing. They should be incorporating all of these and more into their designs. It’s worth talking about security, too, as hacking is a serious threat to eCommerce websites.

By asking the difficult questions and looking at recent work, you will be able to separate the experts from the amateurs. The best eCommerce website design company will be happy to discuss your needs, listen to your ideas and make professional recommendations.

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