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A Content Marketing Strategy Is a Must In 2018

Business is full of buzzwords these days. To be successful in 2017 you needed ‘blue sky thinking’, ‘datification’ and ‘intrapreneurship’. You had to avoid ‘playing in the mud’ and take plenty of ‘thought showers’.

The most useful buzzword to focus on in 2018 is ‘content marketing strategy’. Without it, you may find it very hard to compete.

Engaging, Entertaining, Informative and Relevant

As the name suggests, a content marketing strategy is a strategy that uses (online) content to market your organisation. But not just any old content – and that’s where many businesses fall down. The aim is to create well written and well-presented content that is engaging, entertaining, informative and relevant.

Your content should draw potential customers in and turn clicks into sales. To do that, your content also needs to be planned, consistent and strategically placed. That requires time, creativity and knowledge. It’s not just the ‘what’ that counts, it’s also the ‘when’ and ‘where’.

As a business owner with many balls in the air, can you truthfully say you have the time and knowledge to do all this? Probably not. So rather than making the mistake of doing it badly yourself, why not hire a professional?

Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing services Sunshine Coast are there for a reason. They exist to do what most business owners are unequipped to do.

The first step in developing a content marketing strategy is to find an online marketer who listens. He or she needs to understand your business, your industry and your long-term goals.

With this information – and their knowledge of search engines, social media and today’s consumer – they can develop a content marketing strategy that really works. They know that most consumers search online for products and read reviews before making a choice. They understand that 80% of shoppers are more likely to believe information about a product that’s presented in an article, than an advertisement.

Where Do Consumers Go?

Search engines like Google are the go-to when consumers want information or solutions. Your content marketing strategy will help ensure they go to your website for answers. However, you can’t use any old content because A, that won’t satisfy the customer and B, you’ll upset Google!

In 2018 businesses will really have to lift their game when it comes to content, or they risk being punished by Google. Content needs to be original, enlightening, well written and presented, entertaining and not overly promotional. Over-optimised pages – that is, content stuffed with keywords – are a big no-no.

Become a Trusted Expert

Online marketing is really a case of less is more. Subtle content is more effective than the hard sell. Instead of telling the world how great you, use your content to become a reliable source, a trusted name, an expert in your field.

It’s a proven fact that businesses with well-written blogs attract more inbound links, get more visitors and are shared on social media.

A successful content marketing strategy is well planned and based on relevant research. The first step is to understand your market and know exactly when they go online, which social media they use and what influences their buying decisions.

It’s all about quality, relevance and timing. Isn’t it time you checked out content marketing services Sunshine Coast?



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