Affiliate Marketing A Cheap Way To Great Returns

Have you been looking for a way to make some extra sales and have some cheap marketing online that will potentially grow quickly? Well thanks to ‘word of mouth’ advertising going digital there is a phrase which is taking small to medium size businesses by storm. That is the concept of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is where a vendor has 1 or more products or services for sale and promotes it through an internet marketer (affiliate marketer). They work purely off of a commission and their success is measured by the amount of conversions they can make for the vendors business.

Some affiliates get paid a percentage and others get paid in fixed values. While this concept has been around for almost 15-20 years now it is something that is still relatively untouched for a lot of businesses in Australia. Great affiliate marketers can generate incomes exceeding 6 figures per month. Others who dabble in it may turn anywhere from a few hundred bucks a month to a few grand.

So what happens if you want to get in to affiliate marketing? The great thing about affiliate marketing is it can never be too late to start promoting your business through it. It can lead to some success if it is done right and the affiliates are given the right incentives to perform. Just make sure you have enough to pay them out of the profits you make.

What options do you have? One of the great things about affiliate marketing is that you have a few options you can go with in relation to having your affiliate marketing handled. You can opt to have your affiliate marketing handled by an affiliate marketing agency. This not a bad option as it can generate some good revenue for you, the amount of work required by you as the vendor can be minimal and someone is promoting your offer to dedicated individuals who do affiliate marketing as their profession. The other option you have is setting up your own using affiliate marketing software like iDev Affiliate.

There are a few editions of iDev Affiliate available to choose from ranging from a basic package which is $149USD right through to the “Black” edition which has all the bells and whistles for about $450USD. The great thing is you have plenty of options with the affiliate marketing software and you can manage it with a bit of effort.

If you are unsure of which way to go and whether affiliate marketing is a solution that will work for your business give the team at Suncoast Web Solutions a call on 07 5479 3888 and they can guide you through the options and even setup affiliate marketing software for your website.



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