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      Web Design & Development

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    Web Design & Development

    Briefly describe what industry your business is in

    What Products and/or Services do you provide?

    Who are your three major competitors and their website addresses?


    Does your company/organisation have a logo?

    If you do have a logo, are you happy with your current logo?

    If you are not happy with your current logo, would you like us to create a logo for you?

    Does your company/organisation have a slogan?

    What is your current slogan?

    What is the goal of your web site?

    Target launch date for your website?

    Do you have any promotional material or company brochures that may be useful?


    Who are your potential customers?

    Where are they?

    What information do they want from your website?


    Do you have a domain name?

    Enter your domain name?

    Who is your domain name registered with?

    If you require a domain name please provide us with three options.


    Do you currently have a website?

    What is the website address?

    When was the site created?


    Please list and describe the pages you want in the main navigation of your site

    Please list and describe any sub level pages that will need to be provided

    Estimate total number of pages on website?

    Where would you like the main menu positioned?


    What are your company/organisation colours?

    Do you wish for your design to be based around these colours, or are you open to other colour schemes?

    Do you have any specific design styles or URL you prefer?

    Please provide links to three sites that you like and that meet your design style criteria: (This is a vital step in the process because it gives us a base as to what you are looking for, so please provide all 3 examples)

    Do you have any specific font styles you prefer?

    Do you have any specific images you would like to use on your website?

    Anything you know you DO NOT like or DO NOT want in your site design?

    What elements would you like to have on the homepage


    Will you be selling products and/or services on your new website?

    If yes, what will you sell on your website?

    Do we need to setup E-Commerce system for this project?

    How many products and/or services do you estimate having on your site?

    Will there be price variations per product and/or service?

    What forms of payment do you want to accept?

    Do you already have a 'Merchant' account for Credit Card transactions? Describe account.

    If you do not have a “Merchant” account do you have a Paypal account, or similar?


    Keywords you would like to target: if you want us to focus on any specific type of keywords, you can include the same in the table below

    Brand Keywords

    Generic Keywords

    Google Webmaster Tools Analytics Details

    Google Webmaster Tools Username and Password

    Socialmedia Details

    FaceBook (FaceBook Profile URL, Email Id, Username, Password)

    Twitter (Twitter Profile URL, Email Id, Username, Password)

    FaceBook (FaceBook Profile URL, Email Id, Username, Password)

    Google Plus (Google Plus Profile URL, Email Id, Username, Password)

    Pinterest (Pinterest Profile URL, Email Id, Username, Password)

    Please mention if you have previously availed internet marketing Practices.




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