Privacy Policy


Service Provider: Hereinafter Suncoast Web Solutions will be referred to as the Service Provider. This is limited to its employees, sub-contractors and others not mentioned throughout the site who maintain the functionality of the entity.

We / Us / Our: Refers to Suncoast Web Solutions and associated entities.

Secure Location: The location is unspecified for security reasons; however the information is secure and not accessible by anyone except the members of the Service Provider.

Customer: Entity who is in correspondence or in contract with the service provider.

Ownership: Is not an asset of the Service Provider. If the site is hosted for one of our clients we do not own it.

Data Collection

1.1 Sources of Information

Information that is collected by us is stored in house at a “secure location.” The information cannot be accessed by any third party organisation separate to the service provider. This information is collected from the following resources:

  • i) The use of the service provider website
  • ii) Application forms and affiliate’s
  • iii) Resellers (If applicable)
  • iv) Third Parties
  • v) Any place where the information is publicly listed or available
  • vi) Other sources where legally required to do so.

1.2 Use of Private Information

This information is used at the service provider’s discretion. The instances where it will be commonly used is as follows:

  • i) Identify you for access to our services
  • ii) Provide you with all documentation related to the service provider
  • iii) Protection from fraud
  • iv) To contact the customer
  • v) Provide information relating to the service provider or its services
  • vi) Marketing purposes (sending out information related to products / services offered by us only)
  • vii) Test and develop services and information systems
  • viii) Management of services and other related purposes to improve the services offered
  • ix) Research purposes

1.3 Information Sharing

We do not at any time sell or pass on your personal information to any third party organisation but reserve the right to share it with related companies as defined by the National Privacy Act 1988 (commonwealth).

We may disclose/retrieve details from credit, fraud or debt recovery agencies for verification of details. This may also be used for debt reporting.

We reserve the right to disclose information relating to you to a governing authority or other organisations that are required by law.

Our advisors including accountants, auditors, lawyers may access this information to assist in any transaction to help manage corporate risk and funding.

1.4 Information accuracy

The information disclosed by the customer is what we have on file. If the information is not correct and any documentation that is sent is not received by the customer; it is not the service provider’s responsibility for any loss of service or any other costs or consequences in relation to the incorrect information being supplied.

This information needs to be updated by the customer where applicable. We will take all precautions to ensure your information is not misused, loss or obtained by unauthorised access. We take no responsibility for any damage, if any, in the case that the information is obtained in a fraudulent manner.

1.5 Removal of Information

If at any time you wish to have details removed from our database(s) we will do so unless the information prevents us from contacting you while any service(s) provided are being used by the customer.

1.6 Privacy Control

We do take the information you provide us as confidential and will do our best to maintain the integrity of the security of the information. If you feel that this has been compromised by the service provider you can contact us by emailing [email protected]

1.7 Authorised persons

You may at anytime authorise someone to have restricted access to your account details. This has to be provided in writing and posted to the address specified on the documentation issued by the service provider. Access can be removed at anytime you wish.

Data from our clients’ sites

2.1 Accuracy

Information seen on websites hosted or created by the service provider has been placed there on the customer’s request or own doing. At no time will any information received by the site be passed on to us unless it is legally required by a governing agency.

2.2 Forms on sites

None of the information that is submitted by the end user on any site apart from our own will be stored, nor will it be our responsibility if the information is used in a fraudulent manner. The information you supply on online forms is at your own risk. Privacy Protection will not be guaranteed.


3.1 Unauthorised access

We are committed to protecting your privacy and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we collect is protected from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, modification and disclosure. We maintain our servers in a controlled and secure environment. Constant changes to the internet and technology mean that we cannot guarantee that data transmission is 100% secure, or safe from attack by unauthorised intruders.

*If you choose to submit the information in any other way on our website we will not be able to ensure that it is 100% secure nor safe to use.

3.2 Submission of information

We offer a service where you can elect to provide your details via our secure connection which encrypts the information you send. You can do this by using a username and password supplied at your request. It is safe to transmit your credit card number over the internet, although no data transmission can be absolutely guaranteed as secure. This encryption is only available if you choose to use such technology.

A Word From Our Customers