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So, what is a Payment gateway, and why do you need one?

Payment Gateway

A Payment Gateway allows you to automatically accept payments from customers through your website. Their payment could be for a subscription service, a product, a service, a donation to your charity or community group, or for a ticket to an event.

They facilitate this by working as a communication bridge between the website’s host and the merchant provider. Payment gateways can accept payments via credit cards or debit cards, or through organisations like PayPal, eWay and Merchant Warrior.

With the huge growth in online shopping, PayPal is a very popular option. It allows people to send and receive money without sharing financial information. With over 5 million active accounts in Australia, consumers have the flexibility to shop and pay on their computer or with any connected mobile device using their bank accounts or credit cards.

eWay is one of Australia’s largest online payment gateway providers, processing more than $10 billion dollars in transactions since 1998. They work with a majority of Australian banks and merchants.

Another Australian-based online payment gateway provider is Merchant Warrior. They only deal with a select number of banks including NAB, Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, Westpac and St George.

Payment gateways can also be set up to handle payment options such as BitCoin.

BitCoin is a peer-to-peer currency which is not owned by any governing authority. This form of payment is not widely popular yet but is certainly growing in acceptance.

The experienced team at Suncoast Web Solutions can work with you and the various payment gateway providers to ensure that you can accept payments from your customers through your website.