Using YouTube For SEO

WHY are so many people posting videos onto YouTube and why should you use it to boost SEO?

Whilst that question may have just answered itself, the fact is that YouTube remains a mystery to many internet users still. And the real burning question is how do you use it?

Facts about YouTube

  • Every minute, 15 hours of video are uploaded. YouTube is fourth largest web property and 2nd largest search engine.
  • There is growing anecdotal evidence on the internet that the next generation of internet users uses YouTube rather than Google for info.
  • YouTube shows up in natural results for great traffic and search engines rank it highly.
  • YouTube gives stats on your video, such as which geographic regions it’s being viewed in and how popular it is.

Making your video
A quick glance through YouTube reveals that you don’t have to have an expensive production or high end equipment to get a lot of viewers. In fact, some of the cheesiest looking videos have gone on to become worldwide internet hits. A video can be made using a webcam or digital camera. Alternatively, you can make a PowerPoint presentation and convert it to video. YouTube accepts most video formats including .WMV, .AVI, .MOV and .MPG.

However, it’s important to create a video that people want to watch. If the subject matter is interesting and entertaining, not only will it tempt people to view it, but it will also motivate them to send the link to other users; creating the viral effect. Enticing people to view it will involve further preparation.

What to do with your video
Once you’ve made your video you want other people to take notice of it, otherwise what’s the point in making it?
When your video has been processed, a selection of thumbnails will be generated automatically by the system from stills of the video. If you select an interesting still, this will attract the curiosity of passing internet surfers.

Make sure you take full advantage of the opportunity to post a description, title and tags along with your video. Using keywords in descriptive but concise sentences will ensure that visitors looking for your subject matter will find your video in a search. The description content should support your video content so that viewers know what to expect. The description is also an opportunity to include a link back to your site. If you include it in the first line, you have a better chance of it being clicked.

Top tip for titles: Use the word ‘video’ in your title as many people use this in their searches.

Try to use caption and subtitle features in order to maximise your SEO opportunities and to make it accessible to as many different visitors as possible. You can make captions using free web-based tools such as CaptionTube.

The comments section is also a useful tool for measuring popularity. Plus, if a lively debate can get started under your video, others will want to join in. The comments section is also another opportunity to use your keywords as you can comment on your video with deep links to show which particular part of the video you think is interesting.

Embed videos on other websites, such as your own, to make your videos easier to find and remember to watermark the video to protect it from piracy.

Branding opportunities
You can create your own YouTube channel in order to show off your niche in the market place. In fact you can create multiple channels if you have more than one niche to market. Here you can utilise the profile picture to show off your branding. And if you use a keyword rich channel title, you stand a greater chance of being viewed by your targeted customers.

Words of warning
Don’t rate your own video and don’t spam other people’s videos! This will attract the attention of Google’s hit list!

So what are you waiting for? Join the social networking revolution and YouTube your world!



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