How Site Optimization Can Help You In More Ways Than One!

One of the big factors that are used to weigh the value of a website is how well your website is optimized. A lot of people will tell you that getting someone to carry out website optimization is a vague service. They are right as it is fairly vague today. It use to be that simply optimizing and tweaking your meta tags was the only thing your site really needed to have done to it.

When people talk about site optimization today it is another story as there are so many factors which come in to play. Things like load times, site sizes, file sizes, content orientation and formatting, layouts, platform and even geographic locations of visitors vs server is important.

How can anyone possibly ever cover all of these areas you may ask…. Well it is actually quite easy to do. While it can be time consuming it is possible with many different content management systems whether they are open source like wordpress, drupal or even joomla. Even the privately coded solutions are able to be optimized for all of these areas.

So to get you started you need to make sure that your sites formatting / design can be easily converted in to a responsive website design. This means that no matter what platform you are using, whether it be a desktop/laptop computer or a smart device like a phone or tablet your website will load accordingly. This will typically cater for the platform aspect of site optimization.

Load times is cruicial as you really have about 30 seconds or less to impress or get your site visitors interested in what you have to offer on your website. To do this a good website developer or designer will make the websites template as small as possible by using file size features within photoshop and creative formatting where you can use plain colours or text in parts of the website template rather than images. Editing and tweaking your global config or htaccess file will enable your site to also load a little quicker and take advantage of browser caching to speed up your website.

The next important thing is catering for people around different parts of the world. This is probably one of the hardest things to achieve unless of course you have a hosting account with a provider like Suncoast Hosting which are partners with CloudFlare a site optimization hosting platform. CloudFlare offers technology where static components to your website will be stored on their network and when visitors to your website load the website CloudFlare’s servers will automatically send a copy from the closest server that has a copy of the said files.

Taking all of this work and these techniques in to consideration can take a lot of time. Whats the point? Well apart from having a quick loading website with quality content that customers will enjoy on their device the search engines will actually reward you as well. This is because you have taken every possible effort to deliver a quality website that is well optimized and quick to load.



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