My Site Went From Top 10 To Top 500! What Happened?

If you are the new owner of a website and have never had one before then this is something you may not have seen or experienced before. For those of you who have had a website and haven’t had this happen then you should be aware it is possible especially if you are paying for someone to do the SEO for your website.

The chances are if you have seen your site go from Top 10 under particular phrases and then disappears all of a sudden, chances are your site has been penalized (aka slapped) by the search engines. The reasons can vary but most commonly it occurs to a lot of websites after an update is rolled out.

In the past few days Google released an update known as “Penguin 3.0” which is the latest in the ongoing series of Penguin updates being applied. The effect so far has not been fully realized but one thing for certain is that a lot of internet marketing forums are talking about it and the changes they have experienced.

Some have mentioned things like “Noticed some weird movements in the past week or so,.” and “my biggest site just went from top 10 to 30-50 in the last 48 hours”. These are all normal reactions and typical of what occurs when an update is rolled out.

If you have been affected it is a shame but it is not the be all and end of all. In fact the best thing you can do is wait a couple of days and consult with your SEO provider and see if they have worked out what is going on as yet. Chances are that they haven’t as yet due to the fact the update is so new.

These updates have been coming out about once every 6 months of late and they will continue at this rate for quite sometime. Keep in mind that no one provider will know the answers but by keeping in touch with your provider can ensure that your site will have the best chance of regaining its position in the search engines once things have settled down.

At this stage there has been no official release notice issued in webmaster forums by Google or any of its employee’s with exception to an indicator mentioned in Google’s Webmaster Tools that says “Update” about Penguin 3.0 being officially released but people are certainly talking about it.



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