Keyword Research – Discover How To Uncover Those Golden Keywords

Quality keywords can send hundreds, even thousands of free visitors to your site each day

Just as much effort goes into developing an unsuccessful website versus a successful website! Do yourself a favour by starting off on the right foot by taking the time to do your “Keyword Research” to determine your niche in your market place.

More often than not, website owners and web developers don’t see keyword research as being overly important. However without proper planning and keyword research, you are simply playing a guessing game and like most things in life if you take this approach you are more likely to fail. Being that most people don’t bother with Keyword Research, gives you a real opportunity to be miles ahead of your competitors.

Quality is always better than Quantity! Don’t trick yourself in believing that by targeting 100’s of keywords is going to bring better results. It is much better to rank well, with a handful of quality keywords / phrases rather than being indexed on page 10 or lower with hundreds of keywords. For example; one of my sites ranks on page one with a very targeted key phrase and without fail this one key phrase brings me approximately 50 new members per day. Another example of this is a Sunshine Coast Accommodation website. As soon as this website appeared on page one of Google under the search term “Sunshine Coast Accommodation” their enquiries went up by 50 percent!

There are many keyword seo tools and some are free. Market Samurai is my favourite because it is very comprehensive and takes keyword research to another level. Market Samurai allows you a free download but my recommendation is that you buy yourself the full version at a cost of around $150. A small investment of $150 could mean the difference between success or failure making it a very cheap investment.

Here is what they say:

All it takes is getting 3 SIMPLE things right! – The 3 Golden Rules… But 99% of sites get these 3 things wrong (without even realizing it at the time) – and as a result, the odds of success are stacked against them, making good profits (not even big profits) becomes a massive struggle… …And, as a result, 99% of sites fail! Their videos and tutorials will show you how to avoid making big traffic-generation mistakes that will cost you time, energy and money.

  • Find out how to uncover “gold-nugget” keywords – each of these keywords can send hundreds, even thousands of free visitors to your site each day.
  • Stop attracting time-wasting tire-kickers to your web-site, and target the keywords in your market that real buyers are using right now.
  • Discover exactly how to beat the competition, and get front-page rankings in Google for high-traffic keywords in weeks or days – not months or years.

In summary let common sense prevail and make keyword research your priority! In my opinion; keyword research should be done prior to developing your website because this should determine the content of your website and may even determine your website address / URL.



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