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  • 8th Jan, 2014
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Besides the cheque at the completion of building a successful web site for our client – we need to know a few things to make it all happen. The following requirements help us to design and develop a web site quickly and efficiently, thereby getting the site up on the Internet as soon as possible.

This information also means we are not going back to the client every five minutes checking what content, or graphics, or layout the client wants for each page. It saves a lot of time for us and the client, who undoubtedly has other priorities to deal with.


  1. Content – Text Copy

    We require as much text copy as you can supply.

    All pages on your web site require some form of text copy, so please gather as much information about the different pages as you can. Our copywriters can always “pad out” any content if necessary, and we will also amend any grammatical, or spelling errors, where needed.

    If you do not have any text copy at all, or very little, we can organise this by having our copywriter interview your principal, but it will mean additional costs to your original quote.

  2. Content – Images/Photos

    We require as many photographs as you can supply.

    All pages on your web site require images, so please provide us with a variety of images that help to market your company and your products. We can crop, slice, dodge and reduce image sizes, so do not worry about the size of the file.

    If you do not have any photographs or images that can be used we can assist by either searching through our own database of images for something appropriate, or we can provide a photographer to come to your premises to take photos. However, this will be an additional cost to your original quote.

  3. Content – Colour Scheme

    Some businesses already have logos and a colour branding, which we can adhere to. But others do not and this is another area where we can assist as we can design company logos and a colour scheme suitable for your requirements. If you have a logo and colour scheme already, please provide us with the details.

  4. Content – Facts

    Do you have any company brochures, flyers, reports, news articles, or even an old web site? If you have then please be sure to give the details to us so we can use them as a guide, or even use some of the information.

Be Prepared

Most clients, when they have made the decision to have a web site built, want to see it up on the Internet quickly – so do we. So be prepared to meet the above requirements as soon as you possibly can and we can then get on with putting all the content together and have your site up and running in no time.

Remember: The longer you take to prepare – the longer your website will remain offline.

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