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Has your website designer or digital marketing agency ever advised you that you should upgrade your WordPress or Joomla based website software regularly? If they haven’t then you should really start to consider a change in who you deal with.

While it is great to have a beautiful looking website that your website designer or digital marketing agency put together for you. One of the key things that gets left out by the designer or agency is that they haven’t told you as a new, and sadly in some cases, an existing website owner, is the fact that your website software and its plugins should be upgraded regularly.

That may come as a bit of a shock to you, however it should also be no great surprise that the software needs updating regularly. Just like antivirus software does for your computer, regular website software updates can protect your website from hacks through known security holes or flaws. An antivirus software package will typically update anywhere from every 4 hours to every 24 hours depending on the package and the update cycles that the given vendor gives.

Website software like WordPress or Joomla, just to name a couple have regular update cycles for their software. The same deal applies with various plugin developers as well. Joomla for example has, on average a quarterly release cycle. WordPress on the other hand will tend to update more frequently. These updates are of course free just like the intial copy that is downloaded to build your website.

Not applying regular updates to your WordPress website or Joomla website can leave your site open for hackers to upload malicious scripts to either do damage to the website, obtain information from the databases that run the website (getting customer data) or even worst yet send out SPAM to millions of people.

If you have not updated your website software in the past 12 months or are unsure, give Suncoast Web Solutions a call and we can make sure that your website software is up to date.

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